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10 Way To Compete In The Music Industry in 2023



The music industry is highly competitive, and staying relevant and successful requires a combination of talent, hard work, and strategic thinking. Here are some ways Benjy Grinberg says that artists and industry professionals can compete in the music industry in 2023:

1. Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology 

AI technology is going to become an increasingly important tool for success in the music industry in 2023 and beyond. This includes using AI-driven tools such as songwriting assistants, programmatic music composition, and algorithmic content curation. By utilizing AI technology, musicians will be able to quickly and easily create new music, find new audiences, and monetize their work.

2. Utilize Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter will continue to be important tools for connecting with fans, building relationships, and promoting music. Musicians should use these platforms to create an engaging presence and interact with fans regularly in order to build a strong fan base. Additionally, using targeted advertising on social media can help drive listenership and sales of your music.

3. Leverage Streaming Services 

As streaming services become more popular, they will increasingly become the primary channel through which users discover new music. Musicians must optimize their content for streaming in order to maximize visibility among users who are looking for new music. They should also utilize the various promotional tools offered by these services in order to maximize their presence and reach on streaming platforms.

4. Adopt a “DIY” Mindset 

With the changing landscape of the music industry, it is becoming increasingly important for musicians to take control of their careers and develop a do-it-yourself mentality. This means learning how to book shows, promote yourself, produce content, and negotiate better deals with labels or digital distributors.

5. Think Mobile

As consumers become more accustomed to using mobile devices for entertainment purposes, it is essential that musicians create content that is optimized for mobile. This includes optimizing your website and online presence for mobile, as well as creating music videos and other content specifically designed for mobile devices. Leveraging mobile-friendly streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music can make sure that your music is available to any user who wants to access it on their phone or tablet.

6. Utilize Data

As the music industry becomes more digitized, data will become increasingly important in driving success. By tracking the performance of your songs over various channels, you can gain valuable insight into which platforms are working best for you and make better decisions about how to promote yourself going forward. Analyzing data from streaming services can help identify new trends in the industry and allow you to stay ahead of the curve.

7. Utilize Networking Opportunities

Although social media is a great way to reach fans, it’s important to remember that real-world networking opportunities still exist in 2023 and beyond. Musicians should make an effort to attend industry events such as conferences, music festivals, and showcases in order to build relationships with other professionals in the music business. Utilizing live streaming services can also help create buzz for upcoming shows or albums and give fans an opportunity to connect with artists directly.

8. Experiment With Creative Revenue Streams

As revenue from traditional sales channels continues to decline, musicians must look for creative ways to monetize their work in 2023 and beyond. This could include offering exclusive content or merchandise, crowdfunding campaigns, and live-streaming performances. Exploring opportunities for licensing music can also be a great way to generate additional income. By exploring these different revenue streams, musicians can ensure that their career remains sustainable in the long term.

9. Stay Up-To-Date With Technology 

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s important for musicians to stay up-to-date with these developments as they occur in order to remain competitive in the industry. This means staying abreast of new streaming services and platforms, learning about new software and hardware advancements, and being open to experimentation with virtual reality and other emerging technologies if applicable. 

10. Collaborate With Other Artists

As the music industry continues to grow more competitive, it is essential for musicians to collaborate with other artists in order to create original content and stand out from the competition. This could include working together on tracks, remixes, live performances or even just cross-promoting each other’s work online in order to generate more exposure. 


Benjy Grinberg says as the music industry continues to evolve in 2023 and beyond, it is essential for musicians to stay ahead of the curve by staying up-to-date with technological advancements, leveraging data, collaborating with other artists, exploring new revenue streams and optimizing their content for mobile devices. By taking control of their careers and embracing a DIY mentality, musicians can ensure that their career remains sustainable in the long term.


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