Simon Chassar’s arrival at Claroty wasn’t just another corporate maneuver. It was the beginning of a transformative journey. With his recent success at NTT, where he orchestrated a major cybersecurity business integration, Chassar set his sights on an audacious goal for Claroty: readying the company for an IPO, expanding its global presence, and crossing the $100 million threshold in annual recurring revenue (ARR) while sustaining impressive annual growth. “The goal was not just growth, but sustainable, global growth,” Chassar reflects. Three years later, he has accomplished his goal while simultaneously establishing his brilliance in startup growth. Here’s his story.

Revamping the Core for Global Market Penetration

Inheriting what appeared to be a standard Israeli cyber tech firm, Chassar quickly realized that Claroty’s potential was anything but ordinary. The company boasted groundbreaking technology, a vibrant and intelligent leadership team, and a solid U.S. customer base. Chassar’s initial strategy focused on restructuring the team for effective market penetration, bringing in elite talent, and leveraging his vast experience to reshape the organization’s framework. “It was about transforming potential into real, measurable success,” says Chassar.

Redefining Strategies and Cultivating a Shared Vision

Chassar’s transformative impact extended deeply into Claroty’s sales methodologies and operations. He critically assessed and revamped the existing $50M sales pipeline, which he saw as largely ineffective, and built it anew. This meant redefining the total addressable market, identifying ideal client profiles, and establishing strategic partnerships. “We had to rethink everything from the ground up, ensuring that every step we took was aligned with our ultimate goal,” Chassar explains. A central tenet of his philosophy was the unification of teams under a singular, compelling vision, embodied in the mantra “1 Team 100.” “This slogan was a constant reminder that we were all in this together, striving for that $100M mark,” Chassar adds.

Sustainable Growth Meeting Investor Expectations

A significant aspect of Chassar’s strategy was aligning growth with sustainability, adhering to the ‘rule of 40’—a vital metric in the software and technology sector that combines growth rate and profitability. “It’s not just about growing fast. It’s about growing right,” Chassar emphasizes. His approach prioritized responsible revenue growth, emphasizing customer intimacy, retention, operational efficiency through automation and AI, and the development of strategic alliances. “Our aim was to build a foundation that was as robust as it was dynamic,” he notes.

Beyond $100M: Setting Sights on New Horizons

Under Chassar’s leadership, Claroty’s ARR soared from $20M to $100M in less than three years, a remarkable achievement highlighting their technology’s critical role in protecting industrial economies and infrastructure. “What we achieved at Claroty was not just a financial milestone; it was a statement about our technology’s global impact,” Chassar proudly states. This growth trajectory set Claroty apart from typical Israeli cybersecurity startups, positioning it as a global player in over 50 countries and steering it away from early acquisition. “We’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it,” Chassar asserts, looking towards a future that includes scaling the company’s revenue to $1 billion. His unique “3 P’s” and “IIC” frameworks have become instrumental in this journey, reflecting his ability to drive high-potential technology startups at an extraordinary pace.

Simon Chassar’s story transcends the typical narrative of corporate achievement. It’s a saga of visionary leadership, strategic brilliance, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. His journey at Claroty is not just about reaching financial milestones; it’s about redefining the limits of what’s possible in the dynamic world of cybersecurity.