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Andy Audate Master Brand Builder Inspiring Story



The twenty-first century is all about entrepreneurship and companies who adopt smart strategies are more likely to succeed in this era. Entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunity given to them by God and do something extra-ordinary that helps others. Andy Audate is one such entrepreneur who grabbed the opportunity and proved his abilities in entrepreneurship. Andy Audate is an author, motivational speaker, and important entrepreneur. 

Andy’s Path to Success:

Andy was born in Boston and a family immigrant from Haiti. The money, he got from his parents was enough to meet his necessities. What kept him passionate was his “want”. He wanted to do more than his potential to fulfill his wants and this hunger made him the entrepreneur. Earlier, he started an online business to sell products online which gave him a fair idea of small business. Andy started a cell phone dealership with the aim of providing affordable phones to the middle class. He also joined a company as a sales manager and promoted quickly by surpassing the older and experienced employees. Passion, hard work, and effort made everything possible. This path enabled him to not only achieve his goals but also do great for others. Today, he helps others to start their business and create a difference.  

Use the Voice of Inner You and Control Fears

Andy is the author of “No more average”, a book that helps its readers to take control of fear and achieve the goals. In this book, Andy describes how to train the mind to achieve goals. Andy is also a motivational speaker and provides training to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The purpose of this training and sessions is to enable entrepreneurs to set up a business without having a large amount of money. 

Share Your Story and Create a Difference

According to EP Academy, about 84% of personal development comes from training and motivational sessions. Through training sessions, Andy gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to share their stories and create an impact that could change the lives of others. Andy also worked alongside top motivational speakers like Les Brown which was a dream a few years back. He has immense experience in coaching people on how to raise confidence and establish a solid business. He enables people to communicate and speak so they could show their real voice on the stage.

One of the powerful lines of Andy is the biggest dream killer is “I have to think about it”.For more information visit

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