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In this Modern Era, people are working more on their skills and talent while working for others. People are making ways to gain their goals with a beautiful journey. The destination of any voyage is incredible when you are working hard for it and fighting the difficulties of each road with full spirit and courage.

The time from which we are passing is of youngsters. And youngsters are full of energy and spirit. While they gain their energy, spirit, or some different vibes from action movies and the people who are working on the behind of these movies while producing or directing are the real Heros. They are working for the entertainment of the people.

Sandeep JL:

Sandeep JL (Sandeep Jacob Lukose) is a talented person because he is doing struggle since 2018 for his action movie. He is interested in movies and acting since his childhood. When he was young, he saw the fight tournaments of Indian-American Kottayam-native. He was focused on acting and making improvements in skills by putting effort into it. Sandeep is doing work for performing on the big screen. He is an expert in martial art and doing more work on it.

When he planned to move to the US, he starts looking for his future in the Hollywood industry. When he moved to the US, he started working on his skills. The ways towards the Hollywood industry is challenging to follow.

Start of Action Movies:

It was back in 2018 when Sandeep JL decided to make his first feature film and he named it ‘OUTRAGE’. His goal was to make an action film on a very low budget, utilizing his martial arts skills. So, he gathered all his friends in the film industry and asked them to work for him. And the filming began on June 5th 2019.     

The result was an ultimate action film of recent times in the micro budget film category.  The fact is no one has ever done such an action film with this extremely low budget and looks very good. The film went viral and Sandeep’s popularity rose up in the independent film world. The critics started praising him and audiences was all pleased by the film. 

  There is a lot of drawbacks due to its very low budget. But when compared to other, more expensive films, the film is way better in the quality of making, storyline, and action. Due to the lack of production crew Almost all the departments where handled by Sandeep himself. From A-Z the film is made by Sandeep himself and we can see the extreme talents of this genius mind. 

Because of covid-19 Outrage did not reach to a wider audience as he expected. But did great among other filmmakers and film critics.  It still continues to win numerous international film award. The film caught the attention of other great film makers and celebrities. It’s a must watch film of 2020 and whoever is a fan of ‘action’ is going to love this film.

Recent Project:

The recent project of Sandeep JL is to work with Hollywood actors. It is suitable for every person who is a fan of action movies to watch all the action movies of 2020. Sandeep JL announced that he is started working with Hollywood actors Robert LaSardo and Jeff Davis. He is also planning to work in the Bollywood industry. He is also working on a project for a Bollywood web series directed by Yadhu Krishnan. He is working in the industry to give a chance to upcoming superstars.

Sandeep JL is working all around the world on his Youtube Channel and other social accounts. Sandeep is also handling his Instagram account to engage the audience and generation towards new technology and work.

Sandeep JL, the master mind behind ‘Outrage’ recently announced that he will be working in a Bollywood web series directed by Yadhu Krishnan and a few other Hollywood feature films along with veteran actors Robert LaSardo and Jeff Davis. The action fans all around the world are eagerly waiting to see more action from this upcoming little superstar. 

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Jr. Michael: the passionate filmmaker and director



Jr. Michael

About Jr. Michael:

Jr. Michael is an independent director and actor. He was born in Queens, New York, in 1982. He is enthusiastic about both directing and acting in films. He began performing when he was ten years old and continued until he graduated from high school. Based on his dreams, he used to write imaginary stories, short stories, and fiction. He graduated high school and went to college to study cinema and the industry’s business side. He finished his training in television film and show production. As a result, he is a recognized authority in his profession.

Success, in his opinion, is not his ultimate goal because he works consistently and passionately. Jr. Michael has taken his business talents to the next level by guiding his team to the success of the soon-to-be-released limited TV series Nightfall. Jr. Michael is the only producer of this series, and he has put a lot of effort into its directing. Jr. Micheal aspires to make the plot more exciting. 

About Brick house pictures:

Brick Houses Pictures began as a fantasy. Their independent productions firm is expanding and collaborating with additional clients in many entertainment fields as it grows. Brick House Pictures would like to express its gratitude to everyone who has supported and collaborated with them, and they wish all of their clients the best of luck. They anticipate more prosperous chances and a bright future. They are working on many new and great projects. 

About the film “Nightfall” of Brick House Pictures:

He is the creator and director of Nightfall, a film in which he also stars as a prominent character. Crime, human trafficking, and sex trafficking are all discussed in the movie.

It was undoubtedly fundamental and lovely, and it is my all-time favorite television show. Furthermore, they give you a completely safe and clean atmosphere to ensure your safety, and they have an entirely safe and clean theme to cater to children’s needs as per the parents’ requests. This performance offers the most excellent services to everyone, tiny children. It may be used for any reason or event in life, and the first-class services will make the occasion even more memorable.  

It’s available on YouTube. This concert will warmly welcome you to come and enjoy the most excellent entertainment, as well as cutting-edge technology and unique themes. While receiving you, the high-quality program will never let you down. Your youngster will feel safe and will be able to enjoy themselves at home in a comfortable setting. This presentation guarantees that you will have a great time on your next occasion. These shows are committed to providing high-quality entertainment for your children. It will transport your youngster to their desired dream location on time and will delight in serving you with a grin and superb fun-filled services.

What is the best way to get in touch with Jr. Michael?

It’s simple and straightforward to find him on Instagram. On Instagram, you may message your favorite celebrity by visiting his page at Yes, he is available online and on Instagram to answer your queries. Keep in mind that your worst adversaries are people in your own home.

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How Deven Powers Became Mr. Hollywood



Deven Powers, also known as Mr. Hollywood, is the host of the LA Live Film Festival from 2018 to 2020, founder and CEO of the Black Film Festival Los Angeles. You can catch Mr. Hollywood on the cover of  Film Central Magazine’s The Bad Boyz of Hollywood, hosting “The Mr. Hollywood TV Show” on AT&T U-Verse, Charter Spectrum, and coming soon to Amazon Prime. Mr. Hollywood is becoming a voice that people are looking out for. 

But how did Deven Powers become Mr. Hollywood? Here’s his story. 

Born on February 27, 1983, in San Bernardino, California as Deven Lavale Purifoy, Mr. Hollywood was the 10th of 14th children. His father was a pastor and his mother a great gospel singer. 

Mr. Hollywood started playing the drums at the age of nine, and by 13, he was given his very first drum set by a member of the Legendary Gap Band, making him California’s State drummer in his church congregation. 

During his freshman year at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, CA, Deven joined the marching band which went on to win several Championships.

The First Step to His Career 

Before he became the founder and CEO of the Black Film Festival Los Angeles, Deven’s jump to fame came from hosting. 

“I got my start as an NBC News Radio Host on 102.3FM, 106.5FM, and 105.0AM in Redlands CA back in 2017 which later lead to me hosting the Mr. Hollywood TV Show, then the LA Live Film Festival, and the Film Fest Los Angeles,” Deven said.

Entering Show Business 

Other than hosting, Mr. Hollywood will also be starring in the upcoming film The Bad Boyz of Hollywood which is set for release by summer or fall of this year. 

According to Mr. Hollywood, their goal is to make the film available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming networks for it to gain a larger audience from all around the world. 

“I [want to] follow in the footsteps of the great African-American filmmakers, directors, and actors that came before me,” Deven said. 

Putting God First

Being the son of a pastor and a gospel singer, Mr. Hollywood values his faith greatly. He even applies it to his career and this has helped him to remain humble despite his numerous accomplishments. 

“I learned to remain humble because what God gives, He can take away. I’ve learned that no matter how much success you obtain, no one is better than anyone else and that you have to always give back and inspire others. [Because] If I’m not making the lives of others better, then I’m not doing my job,” he said. 
For more information on Deven Powers, visit his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. You can also check him out on IMDb.


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5 keys to be an actor by Jr Michael



Jr Michael27

Who does not know Jr Michael? He is a name of excellence and famous celebrity on social media. The American director, writer and actor is brought up in Queens, New York. He is popular for his astounding acting ability and aptitudes. He was born on 27th of June in 1981. Since his adolescence, he wanted to be an actor and he used to act in schools when he was only 10 years old. In 2004, he started his career and today he is a popular name in the glamorous world. For all his fans, he has given five key suggestions to consider, if anyone wants to be an actor. These are here.

1.       Focus

For Jr Michael, acting is a cycle that belongs to a person’s passion. It allows a person to test his expertise and skills. Acting is someone’s talent that is hidden inside everyone. You can call it a talent that an actor has inside him. If you are thinking of stepping into the acting industry, you must be clear at your considerations, focus and goals. With solidity and powerful perception, you will learn many things related to acting and improve your acting skills.

2.       Pursue

This is one of the most important factors that you need to focus and keep in mind. Acting industry is a world of glamour but it does not give 2nd chance to anyone. The majority of the people look for the single opportunity and most them fail to achieve their goal. You may face the failure but you should not leave pursuing your dreams. Most of the people spend more energy in chasing their dreams and ideas. They look reduces down pieces of data on electronic screens. People become desperate after a few attempts. One should fight against this hopelessness and come with a new hope. It can draw your creative mind and you will get the benefits of it.

3.       Tune in

You must be in touch with the latest trends in the acting industry. This world has brimmed with music. It loads with sounds online and on traditional media. Do not use your earphones and tune in with the new music. You will hear feelings, pictures and consideration. It is highly beneficial for making your strong career in the acting world. No doubt, music will influence you and you will learn many things.

4.       Become a fan

In the world, Netflix is a remarkable name among the other acting schools. You must watch the performances of others. You should view exhibitions of entertainers that you love the most. If certain scenes overwhelm you, watch them after rewinding them. It is one of the best ways to make you an expert at acting.

5.       Live a little

Acting is your passion and you must focus on it. Now, you need to observe the things and behaviors of others when you go out. Explore sentiments and ways to express their feelings. It will be the right way to make your popularity and will make your performance incredible.

The majority of people love to be actors and famous in this profession but it is not simple. But, it can be possible if you feel these strategies.

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