Hip hop star and Johnston SC native YOUNG S.H.O has been the best artist and vocalist we have meet this far. His consistency and drive and motivation Comes from PG County Maryland Native Kristie E Davis-Collins. Young S.H.O stated: I wouldn’t be who I am the person I am if it wasn’t for my lovely wife. she has stood beside me through the toughest times and motivated me beyond belief.   kristie Collins wife of SC star Young S.H.O is better known as Dr Collins nursing professor at UNCG college in Greensboro NC. she is Also a NC A&T alum and Towson University Masters program for nursing Alum as well. She has the Juice that keeps S.H.O going and the Love any Artist or man should have in there Corner. She has one Child With Mr S.H.O 8yr old Malachi And two step sons but biological sons of S.H.O Zyian 12 and Ahmad 10. This hip hop Medical family has the love passion and Energy we all wish we had. For more on YOUNG S.H.O check out his IG: @SPL.S.H.O or FB @Shannon D Collins. New single SPL S.H.O  TIKK TOKK is out now every where!!!!!

Musical artist Young S.H.O, aka Shannon Deonte Collins, is a man with both a plan and a dream that began in childhood. Having begun singing and playing the drums as a kindergartner, the Johnston, SC native went on to start his first rap group, MOB, at the age of 11 and by age 17, entered the larger stage as part of Called M80.

Family members Tracey Price and Tracey Hamilton, mother of Antonio (KC Chiefs) and Jakar Hamilton ( Former Dallas Cowboys), raised S.H.O to be a go getter and respect and love family. His aunt Vivian Price gave him love and showed the MC how to work his way around a kitchen. S.H.O says he has a lot of respect for his mentor and brother Kip Mckenny, and Willie joeS.H.O says they stayed on him, cared for him, and have always pushed him to be the best he could be. I wanna thank my mom Mildred  Price and manager Jimmy, Kona, Allure , FLATLINER, and many more for your love and support says S.H.O!!!

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