This year we’ve seen her release tracks and features every month and hit the stage for shows every few weeks. To say the least, Perswasian has been gaining a lot of attention leading up to her brand new single ‘Gifted’, alongside a musicvideo.

Gifted; a fitting title for a talented individual. Hearing the motivating rhythm of the beat and smooth transition of contrast in the artist’s vocal control conceives an enveloping aura of inspiration. Perswasian adamantly expresses encouragement towards the development of her fellow ascending artists both in and out of the booth.

Perswasian’s executive producer, MV Dhatt tells us that the origin of her supportive characteristics stem from her humble beginnings: being raised in a Filipino – Indigenous family moving around constantly in the Toronto suburb, Scarborough.

Perpetuating her struggle as an up and coming artist, Per$wasian divulges into the personal contentions of her lifelong dream. Her engineer, Duppz also reveals that she has endured an extensive amount of time undergoing vocal andperformance training since a young age.

From singing on stage to competing in national dance competitions, Perswasian has her fair share of experience in performative arts. This correlates to the accentuation of her stage presence compared to other artists, as conveyed from the crowd attending her recent plethora of shows across Toronto.
While usually coming from more of a RnB/Soul genre, we have noticed that Perswasian has
expanded her sound. Gifted is seen as more of a hip hop based track including her rapping
alongside the melodies.

The singer/rapper has been releasing music since 2020 but as you take a listen to her catalogue it is clear she has really taken her career to another level this year with her sound, production, team, and lyricism. This progression is proven with her second and third most streamed cities being ‘Miami’ & ‘Los Angeles’.

Perswasian has a lot planned over the next year, which includes keeping up with monthly releases, performances and a follow up to her EP ‘Popular Loner’; which was dropped earlier this year. We expect to see out of city and country shows towards Christmas as well as her first studio album featuring a few US artists, which is set to be released mid next year.

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