2xtra is an upcoming artist coming straight out of Washington DC. Growing up, music always been something big to him, being exposed to different sounds of music. He started to pursue and take music serious once his collegiate basketball years was over. Being from DC, better know for “Go-Go” has helped shape 2xtra with his own genre/style of music, which he calls it “Crank Love”. Crank love to him is a style that resembles some RnB type of vibes, with uptempo harmonies.

2xtra latest project he released was “HeArtCade”, out now on all platforms. To name a few singles, “Phases” and “Fleek remix ft. Big Tizzy”, this project is just the beginning of an amazing journey for 2xtra. His most two current songs released “2028” and “recipe” has been doing well for the artist.
So far for the artist, he has had an opportunity to his first ever show, to open up for Young MA in 2019 of April. 2xtra states, “opening up for her was too lit, the adrenaline and the large crowd turnt me up and gave me a good feeling that I’d love to do as a career”. 

The next release 2xtra is looking forward to his second project from a Trilogy of the “heart”, which is projected to be released at the end of November 2020. This upcoming project is called “HeartAche” as he will express how one heart can feel through pain and experiences. Who inspires you? 2xtra states, “my family and one of my close childhood friends who was innocently killed. That keeps me going and focused. I’m not just doing this for me, this is for everyone I’m involved with in my community”.

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