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3 Businesses of Vince Pitstick That Reinstate Movement to Eradicate Unhealthy Lifestyle and Impact Global Health



There is perhaps no century, no decade in human history where the world has not come head to head with a catastrophe. Almost every five years, a threat emerges on the global landscape out of the blue and takes the world by storm. Intermittent economic recession, wars, pandemics, global warming, you name it – the list is unending. The only silver lining here in such grim periods is we get to meet new heroes of humanity. Take, for instance, Vince Pitstick, who is on a mission to refine the global health system. 

The timing is imperative. Vince has started this mission in the wake of the growing threat of chronic diseases, about which the United Nations has warned that by 2030, 70% of the human population will be suffering from some sort of it. 

Against such a brewing health crisis, Vince is busy arming the populace with the tools necessary to fight. His three ventures are there to accommodate his mission:

Nutrition Dynamic

Starting in 2012, this client-centered business was the first of his ventures. Vince started Nutrition Dynamic after leaving his functional medicine consultant job at Metagenics. While there, he got to work with different international and national doctors and physicians on various projects and obtained tremendous experience. Interestingly, he opened Nutrition Dynamic in the back of the chiropractic office with only six clients.

Today, Nutrition Dynamic is one of the largest one-on-one fitness and health coaching companies across the United States. The company specializes in creating virtual fitness and health programs for both ailing athletes. It’s an all-in-one service that provides diets, workouts, live video coaching sessions, and other essential parts of training. No other company in the US is rendering such services at the moment.

Nuethix Formulations

Nuethix Formulations is a supplement company that creates products against weight loss resistance, fatigue, stress, anxiety, gut health, PCOS, and other ailments. The company was created by health coaches and doctors, making it the first of its kind. Based on four pillars – honesty, integrity, transparency, truth – Nuethix Formulations is one of the fast-growing supplement companies in the United States. Its products are acclaimed and tried and tested. 

Nuethix Formulations did a total revenue of $4 million last year. 

Metabolic Mentor University

Metabolic Mentor University is a virtual training institute that produces health coaches, dietitians, nurses and trains them to become a functional nutrition practitioner. Vince has put his entire experience behind this institute. It is currently teaching 150 students.

MMU is a private and invite-only institute, so if anyone needs admission, they will be required to submit a resume first. However, the good news is it’s going public in 2022. The institute is currently working on project #The1in100 to produce a legion of health coaches worldwide.

Finally, let’s say that the good thing about crises is that they give us our heroes!

Vince’s Instagram: @Vince_Pitstick 

Nutrition Dynamic Instagram: @Nutrition_Dynamic

Metabolic Mentor University Instagram: @MetabolicMentorUniversity



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