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3 Habits to Adopt in Daily Life to Lead a Successful Life by Content Creator Dr. Hamdan



There is no denying the fact that the habits you possess determine your greatness and help you lead a successful life. Dr. Hamdan, a leading therapist, a guru of the human mind, and the ultimate educational content creator, believes habits play a crucial role in determining your success or failure. 

Dr. Hamdan teaches her clients how to cultivate good habits that are beneficial in the long run and helps them recognize the toxic traits holding them from progressing. It is very human-like to get suckered into making poor decisions rather than opting for good ones. Dr. Hamdan shares three habits that helped her during her journey, and as an educator, she preaches them to her clients and followers. 

  1. Unwavering Commitment to Veritas (Inner Truth)

Veritas is Latin for “truth” and is also the motto of Harvard University, where Dr. Hamdan did her graduate studies at. Dr. Hamdan highlights her unwavering commitment to her inner truth as the trait that has guided the successes in her life. She says, “We all have access to our inner truth, but society conditions us to look outside of ourselves for answers. When this happens we cloud our access to our own inner truth and access to a higher wisdom. Some people refer to it as the gut feeling.”

Dr. Hamdan recognizes the power of listening to our inner voice and truth, and no matter how scary it is, she has learned to lean in and listen closely. Humans are generally conditioned to be a part of society norms instead of learning how to look within. For herself, it took years of being unhappy following societal standards of happiness that forced her to shift her focus from outside acquisitions of degrees, material goods, wealth, and fancy titles to look within. She learned to be truthful to her beliefs, passion, and values. Today, she teaches people about their inner workings and how to listen to their internal Veritas for a more fulfilling life

  1. Embrace Challenges

Dr. Hamdan believes that no matter how painful challenges are or daunting adversities appear, they are the ultimate gifts for growth. Willingness to welcome obstacles and view them positively separates pros from amateurs. If you embrace challenges with open arms, you can enhance your skills and sharpen your abilities. Facing adversities head-on is the best way to develop resilience and a growth mindset. And when you are not fearful as an obstacle jumps your way, you are able to embrace the wisdom and navigate the course even better. There is no such thing as “bad” things, when we embrace situations “as is” without labels, we maintain a growth mindset that helps propel us further. 

  1. Look Inside 

Lastly, Dr. Hamdan acknowledges her intuitive nature and the trust she has for herself to be the reason for her success. We look in the mirror everyday, but how many of us stop and look inside ourselves every day or several times throughout the day? A great way to become connected with your inner self is to spend conscious efforts looking inside and learning about yourself. Dr. Hamdan believes that most people do not understand how their head, heart, and body work. 

As a brain health doctor, Dr. Hamdan has taken it on herself to help people recognize that looking inside is not a one-time concept. Finding the truth within you and learning about yourself is not a luxury but necessary to personal development. Regular meditation and guidance from a professional like Dr. Hamdan is a great way to learn about yourself on the inside. She believes learning to look inside is necessary for total health. 

You can access Dr. Hamdan’s wisdom and valuable insights on psychology, brain science, and inner healing on her Instagram handle @brainhealthdoc or website

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