Jewelry can be an amazing way to add something special to your outfits, express your personality, or even wear gifts that remind you of someone special in your life. However, while all of the sentimental and fashion-related reasons for wearing jewelry are important, most people want to know what their pieces are worth for a wide range of reasons. Getting your jewelry appraised by professionals is the natural first step to learning more about worth, and it can offer a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at four key reasons to have your jewelry appraised by professionals.

1. It Can Help You Get the Right Amount of Insurance Coverage

Insuring your jewelry can be a wise move, especially if someone has purchased a designer piece or you’re starting your own collection. Working with an appraiser will help you understand exactly how much your jewelry is worth at this point in time and how much insurance you will need for it. It’s important to have a professional appraisal and to have appraisals done every few years.

2. It Helps You Ensure Your Jewelry Is in Proper Condition

An untrained eye can miss out on a host of small areas of damage that may cause issues with the condition of your jewelry down the road. For example, broken clasps, loose settings, and other problems might not be so easily detected by you or other parties. Getting your pieces professionally appraised ensures that you’re able to catch any of these issues long before they turn into larger problems and allows you to get quick repairs so that your jewelry remains in the best condition possible.

3. It Helps You Prove Ownership Over Your Most Prized Pieces

Let’s imagine that someone manages to steal some of your jewelry from you, and they managed to get the more valuable pieces that you were hoping they wouldn’t take. In the event that you file a police report, it can be extremely difficult to prove that you own the pieces in question given that they’re no longer in your possession. For all the authorities no, you could be saying something was stolen when it wasn’t. Getting your jewelry appraised by professionals makes it so that you can provide proof of ownership should anything happen to your jewelry in the future.

4. It Defines Value for More Ambiguous Pieces

There are some pieces of jewelry that have a clear value given that they’re produced by well-known manufacturers. But what exactly is the value of the homemade pieces or the pieces you purchased from unknown jewelry makers? Professional appraisers can give you a more accurate overview of the value of ambiguous pieces so that you’re not left wondering whether you’ve been given or purchased a high-end piece or you have a piece that’s not as valuable as it was advertised to be.

Collecting jewelry is something that many across the world do, but getting their pieces appraised is something that’s often overlooked. Use the four benefits above as an incentive to get your favorite pieces of jewelry appraised today!