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4X Emmy Winning Reporter Liberty Zabala Leadership Traits For Journalist



2020 has been overwhelming on many fronts. Concerns about people’s lives and livelihoods have been significant issues due to COVID-19. People have been glued to their devices to get information about everything, including keeping safe during the pandemic. On the other side are journalists. People’s source of news, advice, and facts that inform their actions and decisions. One such journalist is Liberty Zabala.

A little about Liberty  

Liberty Zabala is a 4X Emmy – Winning Reporter and a weather anchor for FOX 5 San Diego. Radio Television Digital News Foundation awarded Liberty the Vada and Colonel Oldfield National Security Reporting Fellowship. The award was in recognition of her extensive work covering marines, sailors, active duty service members, and veterans in San Diego. Liberty is a journalism graduate of California State University, Northridge. She works full time while also pursuing a master’s degree in Homeland Security at American Military University. In this article, we share the traits Liberty demonstrates that make good journalists better.

Learn every day

The world is changing every day. Journalists must keep people informed and connected. As a journalist, you need to stay on top of new technologies, techniques, styles, tools, and equipment that enhance your work. It certainly helps if you learn in-depth about a subject matter to add accuracy and context to your reports. Liberty has had intensive multimedia training. Throughout her career in both learning environments and field experience. She was selected for the competitive NBC Reporter Development Program and encouraged others to take up every learning opportunity.

Focusing on a niche

There are possibly a thousand and one areas of interest that journalists cover. However, focusing on one area of expertise is crucial . In addition to professional basics that allow for versatility to fill in or fit in where ever you are needed, you need to develop your niche area and build your skillset. Liberty has focused on security and related issues as well as multimedia journalism. Having a focus enables you to create a commanding voice in that sector.


Journalism is not for the faint-hearted. The quest to unearth the truth and provide it to your audience requires courage. Liberty has covered stories overseas in Belize and Israel. Besides, she has volunteered for humanitarian aid abroad and pursued personal development training in learning Krav Maga in her spare time. 

Practice makes perfect

Knowledge alone in journalism will not hack it; training will. You will need to practice until you perfect your skills. Liberty has had worked at several internships, including FOX News Channel, ABC7 Los Angeles, FOX Sports Net, and NBC Nightly News. For a budding journalist, an opportunity at interning will help you acquire relevant skills for the industry.

Have the audience in mind

Journalists must inform, educate, and serve their audience. Authenticity, accuracy, timeliness, sensitivity, and respect for diverse cultures and values are qualities that a journalist should embody. Building a connection with your audience is vital. 
Liberty has had an illustrious career so far and continues to aspire to do more for her audience. That’s why so many connect with her.
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