Tourism is a thriving industry and the lifeblood of many foreign nations. However, with change comes stress and the potential for things to go awry.

Americans are generally comfortable with routines that promise them predictability. Traveling offers the adventure of new experiences, but it can turn into a major headache when everything doesn’t go as planned.

Yet, there is no reason to chain yourself up out of fear because travel insurance eliminates many of the worries travelers face. Let’s consider 5 advantages of purchasing travel insurance for a family trip below:

1: Medical Care

One of the most important aspects of travel insurance is the ability to purchase medical coverage. Whether you have a preexisting condition or encounter an emergency, there are plans available.

While some travelers may assume that medical care is affordable in poorer countries, the medical providers accessible in touristy areas are generally expensive. Because of international medical tourism, a lot of these hospitals and clinics charge a premium for high-quality care.

You may be able to locate cheaper medical services elsewhere, but they may have primitive equipment and poorly trained staff. Trying to obtain coverage after something happens is usually difficult and adds stressful burdens to the situation.

2: Lost Luggage

Losing your luggage can quickly ruin a vacation, yet it happens all the time. When your flight lands, workers independently remove the luggage from the fuselage of the jet and typically transport it on motorized carts to the appropriate destination. Since all these carts look the same, it is easy for a worker to mix up luggage and leave you in a tailspin.

Traveler’s insurance can pay for any expenses that you may encounter even if you have to buy temporary clothing and hygiene items while your luggage is delayed. Luggage delays sometimes occur when the luggage is all loaded on a separate flight for efficiency and does not reach the airport when you land.

3: Delayed and Canceled Flights

Travel insurance can also reimburse the costs of traveling when your flight is canceled or delayed. While some agencies may provide a voucher to take another flight or cruise, you may decide to travel elsewhere or be forced to purchase tickets from another airline to make the trip as originally planned.

Travel insurance protects you from the inevitable pitfalls of flight delays and cancellations that typically occur during peak travel periods and inclement weather.

4: Special Insurance for Sporting Equipment

A lot of tourism is sports-related. People will take skiing trips to Switzerland, try snowboarding in Iceland, or go golfing in Spain. Ensuring that you have full coverage for your expensive equipment is a must for professionals and hobbyists alike.

5: Expert Assistance

Travel tourism may also offer general assistance to help you navigate various aspects of your trip. Whether you are looking for affordable car rentals or experiencing a breakdown on the side of the road, your travel insurance can buy you express tickets out of any situation.

Travel insurance agents provide expert advice and assistance to overcome any difficulties you may face while traveling and are usually just a phone call away.