The holiday season is crucial for any business. Not only is it usually the busiest time of year, but it’s also a time when customers are looking to shop, and the last chance for brands to meet annual revenue goals.

With so much competition in the lawn and garden space, a multi-prong marketing strategy is necessary to stand out and gain shopper’s attention during this season. Here are the top five ways to promote lawn products as the perfect gift to capture maximum holiday sales.

1- Social Media

Use social media as an extra push to market your lawn products as holiday gifts. Gardeners and landscapers are usually on everyone’s holiday shopping list. Lawn products make for a perfect holiday gift to these enthusiasts who are always getting their hands dirty, so create social posts showing various lawn products at different price points that can make a great gift. Don’t forget to mix up the social posts you create such as alternating between photos and videos to give variety to your social feeds.

2- Email Marketing

Lawn products are a no-brainer gift for the dads who love to tend to their grass. Dads deserve the best lawn products such as commercial walk-behind mowers to easily cut the grass of large properties, a grass catcher that attaches to the back of his current lawn mower to collect grass clippings more efficiently, or a lawn edger to create crisp and clean edges. Email marketing is an effective way to showcase these different types of lawn products to show the many options to choose from, making email an ideal way to display lawn products as holiday gifts and capture additional sales.

3- Blog Posts

For any upcoming office party with a white elephant gift exchange, put together an informative blog post on your website that shows the fun yet functional lawn products that make for a perfect gift for this game. Promote lawn items for white elephant gifts such as potted plants, mini shovel kits, or a tool basket. Co-workers will be impressed with such a unique holiday gift idea.

4- Direct Mail Advertising

Get in the hands of prospective customers by utilizing direct mail advertising. Printed mailers are custom-designed and sent through the mail to targeted demographics based on parameters you choose including their age, household income, and personal shopping habits. Your local direct mail provider can help you create a campaign that displays lawn products as the perfect holiday gift. For example, design a printed mailer that shows a holiday gift box filled with lawn products, and get creative by choosing various items such as small pots, a seed starter kit, and knee pads. Then decide on how many mailers you’d like to send out in your area, and be in control of your budget.

5- Online Advertising

If you need to supercharge your marketing this holiday season, choose to dedicate a portion of your budget to online advertising. There are many ways to take advantage of online advertising to promote your lawn products as holiday gifts such as through ads on search engines, social platforms, or even paying influencers. Create ads that hit a wide range of topics such as stocking stuffers which are fun little gifts that go inside Christmas stockings. Then purchase online advertising that promotes lawn products for stocking stuffers such as seed packets, gardening gloves, and plant labels. You control how much you spend with online advertising, and you can also track real-time results so you know that your ad dollars are being put to good use.

There are many ways to get creative by using various marketing tactics to promote lawn products as holiday gifts this season. Even employing a few marketing ideas into your seasonal holiday strategy will boost revenue and sales through a targeted approach.