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7 Top Exhibition Stand Tips



Want to improve your exhibition stand and make a mark for your business? Here are some great tips to do so from Image Group Manchester.

1. Set Goals For Yourself

Before you do anything, you want to clearly define your reasons and objectives for exhibiting. This can include things such as product launch, sales generation, market research, brand awareness or networking to name a few. The type of stand you’ll want will all depend on what your objectives are. Your stand could be real nice looking, but if the stand does not convey your products’ capabilities or your company’s values and images, then you would have wasted your money, time and effort.

2. Focus On The Audience You Want To Target

Once you know what your objectives are, you’ll need to know who your targeted audience is. Who will be going to the exhibition? When you know the answer, you’ll want to design your stand based on their wants and needs.

A good way to determine your targeted audience is by using persona mapping. Knowing who your prospective customers are will allow you to make better design decisions. This includes choosing the right colors.

3. Consider Using Different Materials

If you want to create an attractive stand, then you’ll want to consider what materials to use. Feel free to experiment with various materials until you find ones that reflect your brand. Here’s a tip, metal and plastic usually create a contemporary look, whole rich wood tones create a more modern feeling. Another good idea is to create dividers, which you can do by using fabrics.

4. Use Graphics

Many people don’t have long attention spans, especially when they are attending an exhibition. This is because there are other stands besides yours that they’ll visit. If you want to quickly share a complex message, then using graphics and images is a must. You don’t want to put in little effort when it comes to graphics.

If you’re not good at creating graphics, then hire a professional. They’ll ensure your graphics will make a good impression. Also, make sure your graphics and images can be seen from afar.

5. Avoid Too Much Text

Keep text short and to the point because people are not going to take the time to read long messages on the stands they are visiting. Using complicated jargon won’t do you any favors, too. Use a slogan or action verbs that people will remember when they leave the exhibition. Also, the font should be easy to read, large and clear.

6. Maximize Space

Beforehand, you’ll want to contact the exhibition’s organizers to confirm dimensions, that way you have an idea of the space you’ll be working with. In turn, you’ll be able to full optimize the space. The main focus should be having a displace area that allows your stand to be easily accessible by everyone, including people who have mobility issues.

You don’t want barriers for anyone who enters the area. Furthermore, meeting areas should be located at the back. For maximum visibility, capitalize on the height of the stand.

7. Use The Right Amount Of Lighting

Stands need a good amount of lighting. One reason is because lighting helps makes your stand more visible. In fact, lighting can make your stand easily visible from far distances. Not only that, but lighting makes displays and texts easier to see/read. 

If you have a desired outcome in mind, then you can use lighting to help you achieve it. Your stand will want to be well-lit. This is why it’s a good idea to use lights that are bright enough to showcase your stand.

Another good idea is to use spotlights. They can highlight a new product or another special feature you want people to notice. Colored lighting can be used too. Remember, the right lighting can help you standout from the other stands.

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