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780.MASOCHIST’s “Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے.” Is Reflecting On A Bigger Audience



780. MASOCHIST’s latest hip-hop, r&b, soul, and rap single, “Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے.” is a hell of a composition combining English and Hindi lyrics to express the sufferings of general people from a realistic point of view. This new track got released on 3rd November under the label RudeAwaking Records.

Starting with a soul voice to heavy rap delivery and the background humming melody leave listeners wondering how a single artist managed to ramp up all of this. These different phases are captured in just a 3 min track and perfectly synchronize with the hip-hop beat and synthetic background music. 

Canadian hip-hop artist 780.MASOCHIST is originally from Pakistan. He competed at the 2019 Canoe World Championships in Hungary as the first-ever Pakistani in history and is currently a Pakistani National Canoeing Team member.

But 780.MASOCHIST is always passionate about introducing a wide variety of hip-hop music, including R&B, Boom Bap, and Trap. He comes up with powerful compositions and something different than usual and continually aims to impress or surprise his fans. His fans anticipate distinctive, strange, and unpredictable music.

The artist wants to use his music to make social commentary that is aesthetically compelling and strong on issues like climate change in nations like Pakistan. He keeps making waves in the music industry thanks to hundreds of thousands of Spotify views and endorsements from well-known online blogs.

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