Getting outdoors is a great way to spend quality time with your family this summer. With nature all around, there are endless activities to enjoy. Whether you prefer to relax and unwind or get active and be physical, there are plenty of summer fun options. Read our list of great ways to spend time with the kids in the warm weather and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

1. Geocaching

Searching for geocaches is a great way to get outdoors and exercise while spending quality time with the family. Geocaches are locations marked in public areas, designed to get people out to nature and explore. Some caches offer physical treasures, while others have markers in unique places for you to experience something new.

2. Tubing

Ready for a lazy day of fun? Grab your inner tubes and life jackets, and head to the river. Tubing is a great way to enjoy the sun and see different parts of nature while staying cool in the water. Be sure to have a pickup person at the end of the trip!

3. Whitewater Rafting

Want a little more excitement? Consider giving whitewater rafting a try. Experience the thrill of rapids while safely escorted by trained guides, and you’ll have the whole family screaming with joy.

4. Fishing

Not ready to plunge into the water? Stay on shore with your rod and reel and catch yourselves some dinner. Fishing is fun for all ages, offering relaxation as you wait for a bite and big waves of excitement when you reel a big one in. Check out area lakes and rivers for endless fishing spots.

5. Hiking

If you want something more active, consider taking a hike. Head to the nearest local or state park and find trails to wind you through nature. Many nature trails offer guides and signposts, offering an educational experience as you trek through the forests, prairies, and hills. Choose a trail with an activity level to suit your whole group so you don’t leave anyone behind.

6. Bicycling

Take your speed up a notch and jump on the bicycles. Find a park with bike paths or check out quiet streets to stroll around with the family. Kids and adults can enjoy cycling around the city and exploring new places. Just make sure you watch out for others, obey traffic laws, and wear your helmets.

7. Swimming

Beat the heat with the local pool or beach this summer. If you prefer, you can even put up a pool in the backyard to enjoy the water without leaving home. Take a dip to cool off and enjoy splashing around with the whole family. For those that prefer to stay dry, catch some rays, and maybe some zzz’s, on shore.

8. Obstacle Course

Challenge the whole family to a trip around an obstacle course. Find a nearby course with ropes, climbing, and other challenges designed to keep you active and make you think. Or, if there isn’t a business nearby with this offering, set up your own in the backyard.