9 Naked Mannequins’ latest EP, ‘Ballads in the Key of Dark’ is a genre-defying acoustic treat for music lovers. 9 Naked Mannequins presents another multi-genre masterpiece, ‘Ballads in the Key of Dark,’ released in May.

Music is one of the most versatile art forms that allow the creators to unleash their creativity and experiment as much as they want to manifest their true potential. 9 Naked Mannequins breaks all the conventional barriers with their versatile soundscape. Featuring a brilliant fusion of melodic elements carefully picked out from various music genres, ‘Ballads in the Key of Dark’ revolves around the themes of love and loss. It follows their 2021 EP, Danger Pop. Combining hip hop, funk, and electronic psychedelic rhythmic components with a pop vibe, all five tracks will easily find a welcome home in any commercial playlist.

The Bay area-based band 9 Naked Mannequins comprises two talented individuals, Johnny Neptune (vocals and synths) and A9NT9MCLEAN (vocals, bass, percussions). The tracks of their latest EP, ‘Ballads in the Key of Dark’ were written, produced, arranged, and performed by the two artists. Together, they managed to reach an ethereal sonic plane with their creative artistry and willingness to go beyond the limitations of conventional music.

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