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Music is life. It always has been for me. From the time I was an infant my mom would rock me to sleep singing, which lead to me performing in elementary school choir and plays. I caught the performing bug.  At church I did the same. We performed for Children’s Church and led Praise and Worship singing. In middle school I enrolled in music class and performed at school events. My music teacher decided I was suited for the guitar with long fingers, good rhythm, and the ability to maintain pitch. She began teaching me the fundamentals and later I regularly took guitar leasons for three years. I was inspired to write lyrics and eventually music. My mom invested in recording equipment and I was off and running.

I performed for family and friends who of course loved my music with no objectivity At the time I was a kennel manager at a no kill shelter and my shelter manager heard me play and sing one of my originals. He signed me up for an open mic at a place called Bippy’s. It was full of amature musicians and former professionals. I was a wreck my first time but these guys encouraged me. I was there every week and expanded too near by open mics until I had no fear and people started showing appreciation for my performances.The rest is history.

When I say music is life, I mean I can’t live without it. Everyday, morning, noon and night I am performing, writing, recording, practicing, revising and honing my skills. My home is a hot spot for local musicians. I feel a heavy burden to give back at every level I reach. I know so many artists who have not been as fortunate to have the resources and mentors I have had , so I give back.

When I am not in my home studio, I am networking in New York, Florida, Atlanta, and California. Keeping in touch with other artists is essential in this business. We share new tunes, equipment, and successes. And then there are my hobbies.In my youth I enjoyed competitive yoyoing and still keep my fingers nimble and warmed up for my guitar. I also am a gamer which does the same to keep my hands in shape.

Some of my early influences are John Mayer for his guitar skills, Justin Bieber for his song writing and creativity, Scott Stapp for his vocal style and variation, as-well as various rock and Metal-core bands.

My future looks bright. I dropped my first single on January 1st and video the beginning of February. I have the next one ready to drop and am planning for my first album. I want to become an award winning song writer and vocalist, God willing.


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