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A Breeze of Hope, an institution helping to prevent sexual violence against children



Violence against children has become a hot topic around the world. Around 1 billion kids worldwide are exposed to physical, sexual, and mental violence.

Many people are indifferent to sexual violence and other forms of childhood maltreatment. To them, it’s a normal part of growing up. What they don’t know is that the abuse and violence children experience while growing up can have negative impacts that disrupt individuals’entire life-spans.

Some child victims experience severe mental instability because of childhood trauma, sometimes adopting self-harming and other violent behaviors. Some of these children attempt or commit sucide because they lack the support systems and healing communities to cope with the extreme distress and trauma of having suffered sexual violence. The post-violence period for victims can be harrowing,and theirintense struggles to cope can lead to chronic anxiety, substances abuse, difficulties setting boundaries, deep depression and much more.

However, two people overcame the traumas they faced during their childhood and decided to become advocates for the kids who have unfortunately met the same fate as theirs and also prevent more kids from becoming victims.

Meet Brisa De Angulo and Parker Palmer

Brisa is the co-founder, President, and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation. As a lawyer, psychologist, and human rights activist, she dedicates her life to improving access to justice and healing for survivors of childhood sexual violence. Brisa, a survivor, uses her story and expertise to challenge the status quo and promote legislation safeguarding children.

Parker, the financial and operational health of A Breeze of Hope, his work focuses on helping government officials and professionals provide trauma-informed services to child victims of sexual violence. As a survivor of childhood sexual violence, Parker’s passion for the cause is deeply rooted in his life experiences. These experiences drive him to seek change that prevents other children and youth from suffering similar adversities.

Together they both created A Breeze Of Hope.

A Breeze Of Hope

Just like the name suggests, A Breeze of Hope is an organization that has become a breeze and a hope for those suffering from sexual violence. It is an organization created to help victims and prevent sexual violence against children.

The organization has helped countless survivors, many of whom have become psychologists, advocates, social workers, and attorneys, making a life-long commitment to supporting other survivors in their healing and pursuit of justice.

A Breeze of Hope is also survivor-led and survivor-operated, distinguishing it from other service-providing agencies and global advocacy groups.As a community of wounded healers, survivors at ABH mobilize their experience of suffering and the harm directed at them to transform the world into a safer place for children.

In the words of A Breeze of Hope co-founder and CFO Parker Palmer, “Our wounds—the remnants of those things meant to harm us—are the wellsprings of our greatest inspiration as healers. None of us ever need to carry our pain alone. We can always share that burden with fellow survivors. The company of fellow wounded healers is a soothing salve, a comforting balm. We can only hope to heal when we reveal our wounds and embrace the truth that my healing is bound to yours.”


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