Change can be challenging, especially when starting a fitness journey, and even though taking charge of your health is essential, it can seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin. To help people overcome these challenges, a 27-year-old fitness enthusiast from Qatar, Abdulla Bahzad, assists people in reaching a balance of physical, mental, and social well-being. The fitness passion and drive of Abdulla Bahzad led him to participate in bodybuilding competitions in the men’s physique category, including Arnold Classic in 2017 and the other in 2018 in London. In his desire to help and inspire people, Abdulla Bahzad became a renowned and exhilarating fitness trainer, providing people with detailed training and diet plans.

Although Abdulla Bahzad was committed to achieving his fitness goals, he was forced to undergo several surgeries after breaking his leg in an accident. Despite obstacles, he persevered in chasing his dreams of living a healthy life and building a symmetrical physique. For people aspiring to achieve fitness goals, his constant drive to live the life of their dreams made him an inspiration. A personal trainer and coach, Abdulla Bahzad has trained countless individuals and maintains contact with them via social media platforms, providing them with free motivational sessions and staying ahead of the competition.

To encourage people to live healthy lives and stay in shape, Abdulla Bahzad advises his trainees to monitor their calorie intake and live a positive life while eradicating negativity from their surroundings. Moreover, since eating a healthy diet alone is not enough to keep a person healthy, he recommends sleeping 6-8 hours each night and training 5 days a week without skipping.

Besides having a highly inspiring journey, Abdulla Bahzad strives to work professionally as a personal trainer and assesses his client’s fitness levels and health while monitoring their physical process and preparing a personalized diet chart based on their fitness needs. He also engages with his clients individually, offering customised fitness guidance to guide them toward the correct path to staying healthy and looking incredible. To connect with him, visit his official Instagram Account,