A trip to the park is an excellent way to bond with your children, get some of their energy out, and turn an average day into an exciting outing. That being said, there are numerous dangers that your child could face in the park, and keeping them safe is top of mind. If you want to make sure every park trip is fun but safe, let’s take a look at some of the tips offered in the mother’s guide to keep kids safe during a trip to the park below.

Make Sure They Know How to Properly Use Park Equipment

The park can be exciting for children because there’s so much new equipment to explore that they may not have at school. However, park equipment doesn’t come with directions, and misuse of it can easily result in children getting hurt. Whenever you go to the park for the first time, go on the equipment to show your child how they’re supposed to use it. If they’re young, this may even apply to outdoor furniture like bleachers, which they may be tempted to jump on rather than carefully walking across.

Always Keep Them in Sight

Giving your children the space they need to have fun with their siblings or their friends is important. However, it’s also important that they don’t stray too far away or leave your sight. Try to find somewhere close by where you can see them or remind them to stay near you while they’re at the park. The younger ones tend to make this easier as they always want their mom to watch the cool and exciting things that they’re doing.

Consider Engaging in Special Activities With Them

If there’s a day when the park seems especially packed or your children seem especially rambunctious, you may be worried more about their safety than usual. In this case, see if you can find some ways to engage in activities with them to ensure that they’re right next to you. This could mean getting a ball or a frisbee to start a game with them, bringing a fun outdoor activity with you to the park that you can enjoy, or maybe doing something more relaxing like just going to the park for an outdoor picnic. Sometimes, it’s good to let kids explore on their own, and other times they may enjoy quality time with you.

Dress Them in the Proper Shoes and Clothing

What your children wear to the park can make all the difference in their safety. If they tend to take a tumble, try to find thicker pants and long-sleeved shirts that will protect them from splinters and other things. Get them shoes that they can safely run around in so that their feet don’t hurt or they don’t trip. The more appropriately they’re dressed, the safer they are.

Park trips can be fun, but most moms just want to make sure their kids are safe throughout the entirety of the outing. Use the tips above to keep your child safe during every park trip you make.