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A Story About Today’s Young CEO “Alexandr Komashko”



Alexandr Komashko was born on April 4, 1992. He was born in Radomyshl, Ukraine, in the Zhytomyr region. As an investor, co-owner, or owner, he now impacts the direction of numerous enterprises. He is actively engaged in the running of other enterprises. He debuted in the Ukrainian village of Zhytomyr. He was born in the town of Radomyshl.

Alexandr Komashko

Alexander Komashko was born in Russia but grew up in the Ukrainian city of Radomyshl. His mom taught English at Radomushl’s only academy, and his father ran a youth club. He was told the name of the school where his mother went to school. They never got married, so they never had any kids. His grandparents and parents thought that giving him the city name of the town where he was born was the best way to show him respect.

His mother has lived her whole life in Radomushl. When she was a young teen, she started. She has lived in the busy, crowded city since she was a little girl. When she was a teenager, his mother started working at the school. She knew that her child would go to this school in the end. He went into business when he was 21 and in the 5th year of his baccalaureate degree. A year before his wedding, he started working. He knew nothing about the subject and wasn’t qualified to discuss it.

Alexandr Komashko has worked yearly for the majority of his life. At the age of seven, he earned his first job. He has continuously demonstrated initiative. He has never been laid off. The leaves were then sanitised, allowed to dry, and sold to other enterprises. Then he moved on to an enormous collection of linden trees. At age 14, he started working in the warehouse for his uncle. One of his jobs was assuring the availability of adequate medical equipment. Until the age of sixteen, he worked there.

He had to execute his tasks and live up to his expectations. Even though he was only 16 years old, he could find employment on a construction site during the summer. His work involved re-roofing homes and other residential projects such as flats. He had just turned 18 when he arrived in the country for the first time. He readily acquired a job as a dishwasher and started working almost immediately.

The continued prosperity of Alexander Komashko

On the main avenue of Kyiv, he created his first of many successful enterprises under the moniker BigMag. has witnessed tremendous progress in recent months and is on the approach of becoming one of the most well-known marketplaces in Ukraine for refurbished Apple gadgets.

Its dedication and motivation make a natural athlete

Running helps him keep his drive and attention. Throughout the previous five years, he has continuously exercised. During that period, he jogged between three and five km. He has also been going to the gym and lifting weights. He has maintained a rigorous workout programme over the years. Even after turning 25 in 2017, he has continued to run daily. He’s been doing it for some time. He has followed this prescription precisely as prescribed for quite some time.

At 27, he earned first place in a 42-kilometre marathon. At the age of 28, he chose to compete in an Ironman Triathlon to put his physical health and athletic skills to the ultimate test. The event consisted of a two-kilometre swim, a 90-kilometre cycle race, and a 21-kilometre run. He completed the marathon in 6 hours and 14 minutes and crossed the finish line.

Keep up with Alexandr Komashko to learn more about entrepreneurship

For your daily dose of motivation and inspiration, follow entrepreneur and athlete Alexandr Komashko on Instagram. He is widely acknowledged as a trustworthy advisor to his followers and a role model within the Instagram community.

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