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A young songwriter Steve Marinangeli



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23-year-old Steve Marinangeli is a rising non-mainstream artist who has topped in the Luxembourg iTunes Top Songs chart twice. The manner in which he interacts with the audience through his private verses is just exceptional. His initial two singles resonate with everyday encounters that lead his listeners to ponder over his words. If this sounds fascinating, study his impending interview down here, which is turning out in 2021.

What might you say were the principal tunes or specialists/groups to move you in your more youthful years?

The primary band that inspired me was an Irish boy band called “Westlife”. I tuned in to them since I was very young. Their music has a huge influence on my life, and it got me through endless things throughout the long term. Until now, they are my greatest motivation.

I additionally got cheered by OneRepublic, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, and numerous other pop stars. Since I am a lyricist, I likewise have a couple of musicians that I admire like Ryan Tedder, Steve Mac, John Shanks, Max Martin, and Wayne Hector for instance. I likewise love different types like Rock, Rap, and RnB, however, those artists and music types weren’t generally a motivation up to this point for my own music. Possibly later on.

What instruments do you buy and play?

I, unfortunately, can’t play any instrument well. I had guitar exercises when I was more youthful yet I stopped. Presently, I’m attempting again to play the guitar and the piano. One of my favorite instruments is the drum, I will have my own drum set at home and simply appreciate playing it.

Expertly prepared, or self-trained

Right now, I’m self-educated and attempting to show myself with the assistance of recordings. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to get expertly prepared, in light of the fact that I believe that you could gain quick success. Shockingly, I don’t have the opportunity right now for this.

Melody ‘’It’s you’’

The melody It’s You is an advanced, up-beat pop tune that gives you some dance vibes. In fact, it’s an adoration melody, yet a tune that can set you feeling great and make you need to move.

I composed this melody in a day. The verses are absolutely a piece of the tune that a few audience members could relate to.

There’s a ton of relationship warmth in his music.  Indeed, he is normally attracted to adoring melodies.

The major part of Steve Marinangeli life lately

By and large, I like love tunes or anthems. There are a lot of artists I got inspired from and they inspire me to have a ton of adoration tunes, so it’s absolutely a motivation and something that shows in my own composed tunes.

There are over 250,000 listeners who already listened to this song.

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