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Aadi Bhanti: From High School Student to Innovation Machine



Aadi Bhanti is a fierce young entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. He went from being a regular high school student to an innovation machine. 

At the age of 15, he started a social media agency. This quickly gained attention in Central Illinois, where he had numerous clients in different industries. 

He used this momentum and capital to start Source to Table. Source to Table is a startup which sells meat. Though this may sound simple, I can assure you that it isn’t. They revolutionized the meat supply chain by cutting out warehouses and making it simple for farmers to ship directly to retail consumers on a per order basis. They created a marketplace for farmers and consumers alike to make a connection and order healthier and safer meats.

This came in handy during the peak of COVID-19. While their competitors couldn’t ship due to large warehouses being shut down, Source to Table and their farmers were able to push out product and satisfy customers at a rapid pace. 

The business started with a vision to make it easier for people to get meats that they can trust and meats that are delicious.

Bhanti told me that when they first started and got into the heavy stages of pre-launch, he felt like it was just a pipe dream.

When I asked him why, here’s what he had to say:

“Offering point to point shipping is expensive and requires a much stronger infrastructure at the point of shipping. The warehouse system cuts costs and makes it much easier to ship to multiple destinations if all products from all suppliers are in one place. As much sense as the warehouse system made, we felt the urge to fulfill our promise when starting and that was to allow people to choose their farmers and experience cut-to-order craft meat. This is similar to the point to point airline system in comparison with the hub and spoke system that many airlines use.”

I asked Bhanti if he thinks the point to point model is scalable, his response was:

Of course it’s scalable, I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t. In the previous question, I was describing my thoughts as we were ramping up for launch. Source to Table is a great example of the power of innovative culture. We found ways to cut costs in other areas to solve the problems that we had. Not using warehouses cut our admin costs significantly, which allows us to invest in quality packaging materials and setups for our farmers. We also know that the more volume we ship the better, due to discounted shipping rates. Our team also found better ways to ship than simply going overnight FEDEX every time which includes courier services, and standard shipping based on route temperature and climate.”

Source to Table is just an example of what Bhanti is good at, he sees massive problems in saturated industries- and he solves them. 

Early this past spring, he co-founded a non-traditional talent agency called InfluenceUs. In March, InfluenceUs was a brand-new agency with mediocre talent, but Bhanti was closing massive deals with large corporations and some of the biggest names on TikTok and Instagram. He was travelling around the country to meet with entertainment industry powerhouses creating opportunities for his exclusive and non-exclusive talent which were unparalleled by anyone else.

How was this possible? 

When I posed this question to Bhanti, he simply answered with one word. That word was networking. 

He didn’t just stop there- he then explained how he’s leveraging his expansive network of young entrepreneurs and influencers to launch a new startup called InfluenceX. For a product that is in the early stages of development, Bhanti has used his network to sign on the biggest influencers on the planet and get the attention of high-level investors around the country.

From what I’ve heard, InfluenceX is going to totally shift the direction of the influencer industry and put some serious financial backing into it. This is the first public mention of the project, but I can assure you that this will be one of the Top 10 app launches of 2021. 

We can all learn a lot from Bhanti. He doesn’t take the traditional route to anything. Like him, if we were all mindful of problems in already heavily saturated industries, I’m sure we could all be moguls. 

Bhanti is a firm believer that entrepreneurial skills are developed and teachable and that anyone can do anything with hard work. He spends at least 6 hours a day networking on his phone, and his computer screen time was absolutely outrageous. He pays attention to the details, focuses on building great teams who think like he does. He’s weirdly methodical and totally open to have discussions with anyone who needs his help.

Talking to Bhanti offers a unique perspective on how to view problems and how to craft solutions. He pays attention to the details, focuses on building great teams who think like he does. He’s weirdly methodical and totally open to have discussions with anyone who needs his help.

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509Dume: Professional Recording Artist Is Making A Huge Wave Throughout The Music Industry



Billy Dume better known as 509Dume is an on the rise musician born on the island of Haiti. At the age of 8 him and his family ventured to the United States. They decided to live in New Jersey after weighing their options. Fine Arts was something that highly intrigued young 509Dume. At the age of 7 he began playing his first instrument which was the Trumpet. It was therapeutic and full of soul. After the age of 18 life hit him hard to the point he stopped creating music for a while. In 2020 he quit his job and decided he wanted something different with his life.

Before COVID19 Bill had a job as an educator at Grounds For Sculpture, but due to the pandemic he had to switch jobs due to a massive cut in hours. Right when he was ready to throw in the towel he decided to invest in a photography studio to start a business. The studio is located in Trenton, New Jersey and this new business venture sparked his musical career again. This made him happy. Now revisiting his music again he has learned that he has a new sound. Owning a studio makes it easier to shoot his own content while also bringing in his own revenue.

Currently he is focused on revamping his brand and shooting his second music video for his next single “Varsity”. This song is a ballad about misguided friendships and happy endings. He states “ Be true to yourself and never to quit or sell out. Outwork everybody including yourself and to be positive.” Make sure you connect with him and follow his journey.

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What Lessons Jennifer Nicholson Learned From Being An Athlete That She Applied to Her Business



Growing up in California, Jennifer Nicholson has been active in playing sports. She played basketball alongside some of the most talented players in the nation. Now residing in Colombia with her husband and two children, Jennifer is the CEO of a large virtual assistance company that helps its employees earn more than the usual pay from call centers.

But despite holding such a prestigious position, Jennifer still uses the lessons she learned from sports into how she handles business. 

“I have learned to push through pain and failure. I credit much of my success to my mindset training. An entrepreneur who wants success will need to utilize personal development techniques and strategies to assist them on that journey because it takes a special kind of person to persevere through constant failure, which is inevitable in entrepreneurship,” she said. 

Creating Profit For Others 

Through her virtual assistance company, Jennifer gets to help several people in the form of the clients who avail their services as well as the employees who are working under them. 

Her company supports more than 50 clients and pays their agents more than any call center in Colombia. It also has an ongoing key project that aims to teach and empower agents to excel and absorb new skills that will set them up for success and financial freedom.

“Our mission is to create a community full of mindful, positive, and ambitious persons– our core values represent respect, accountability, and integrity,” she said. 

For Jennifer, these values are the ones that can secure success for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to follow in her footsteps. 

“I believe intention, integrity, and implementation are the most important ingredients to maintaining your path to success,” she said.

Taking The Leap for Love 

After college, Jennifer started to travel all over the United States. She later got back in touch with an old high school friend who is from Colombia. They would later fall in love. Jennifer then took a leap of faith and decided to sell all her possessions and travel overseas to begin a new chapter in her life.

“People would say to me, ‘It’s crazy how you would give up everything for love.’ And I would say, ‘I think it’s crazy that you wouldn’t,’” she said.

This leap of faith proved to be more than advantageous for Jennifer and her family because not only does she get to live out her days filled with love, but she also managed to start a career that has helped many others. 
Get to know more about Jennifer through her Instagram account.

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What Values Julian Ash Learned in the Business of Scaling Multiple Theme Pages on Instagram



At 19-years-old, Julian Ash has joined numerous entrepreneurs who are earning a profit from growing Instagram pages. This is because various brands and businesses have taken to marketing themselves on the social media platform because of its popularity, reach, and influence. 

Seeing as how many have profited from scaling pages, Julian wanted to get in on the action and has spent day and night developing different themes on Instagram since he was in high school. 

Now an expert on the field, he is currently earning $15,000 a month just by running multiple theme pages. 

Learning the Value of Hardwork 

When he first started in the niche industry of growing Instagram pages, Julian put in the hard work to learn what he can about the platform how he can maximize the brand’s expansion. He even learned from coaches to gain as much knowledge as he can. 

This is because he has a long-term vision of what he wants to do with his time and efforts. He then wired himself to hustle and be disciplined to achieve his goals from this venture.

As a result, Julian now gets to travel the world and is now residing in Bali, Indonesia. 

Helping Others Escape the Mundane 

“I’ve been able to help people quit their 9 to 5 jobs by going full-time with Instagram. The best thing is, these people had zero experience before hiring me as a coach and mentor,” Julian said. 

His services include helping his clients find a niche where they’re passionate about, growing a loyal following from scratch, as well as teaching them how to monetize their pages through a problem-solving perspective. But most importantly, he makes theme pages more alluring by adding in pictures that can catch users’ attention. 

With the success of his online business, Julian is keen on focusing on what he started so that he can continue to help people and earn money from managing multiple theme pages. 

“The goal is to keep growing Instagram theme pages and allowing other people to get started. I’m also on a mission to help course creators and coaches scale their businesses using Instagram brands,” he said. 

Instagram has come a long way since it began more than a decade ago. From a media-sharing platform, it has slowly transformed into a new area where businesses and brands market themselves to the public. As a result, this also opened a new industry for entrepreneurs like Julian who have found success through this modern approach. 
Visit Julian’s Instagram page for more information.

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