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Advocating Quality Education: How Ovidilio David Vasquez Helps The Youth Succeed In School



Our years in school are some of the most relevant times in our lives. During this time, we discover more about our identities through personal experiences while learning fundamental lessons on life and other subjects. But even though some of us find going to school fun and exciting, others have a different perspective. 

It’s not the thought of going to school per se but the negative experiences that await them there. Even Ovidilio David Vasquez, one of the most sought-after bilingual youth leadership speakers of our time, saw how challenging going to school can be, especially for immigrant students. 

In a world where racism remains a pressing issue, immigrant students face discrimination even in a place of learning. Bullying is also rampant and sometimes happens regardless of race. 

Ovidilio, like most of us, knows how challenging a teenager or young adult can be. But he believes that the difficulties of today shouldn’t stop the youth from achieving their dreams. He now serves as a role model to first-generation college students by sharing his story and insights to succeed in school. 

Leading Them To Graduation 

As a youth leadership speaker, Ovidilio David Vasquez’s goal is to inspire students to graduate. One reason is his desire to pay homage to his teachers and mentors, who led him down the same path. The other is to show the youth how education can take them far in life. 

Ovidilio himself got into an advanced Harvard Business School Online certification program, giving him more leverage and credentials as he treads through life. 

His voice became the driving force for college students to become more confident and finish their studies. But that’s not all that Ovidilio offers. He leveraged the power of social media to share over a million dollars in scholarships for thousands of minority students across America. 

Ovidilio is also currently developing an app to help the youth develop their confidence and overcome bullying. 

A Compelling Voice 

Besides encouraging college students to graduate, Ovidilio David Vasquez is also the author of six books, including a number one bestseller, a TEDx speaker on self-leadership, and has been a recurrent on-air collaborator for Univision. 

He also worked for global corporations like Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Uber, and General Motors.

Ovidilio’s craft lies in public speaking, which, according to him, is the most feared art to practice in the United States. Despite that, he never lets his voice go unheard. 

“Trust that your message will be received by those who are ready to receive it—even when their expression does not reflect how receptive they are at the moment,” he said. 

Get to know more about Ovidilio David Vasquez through his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. 

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