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Ajeet Debuts New Single “Blooming”



Irish-American songstress and eclectic music producer, Ajeet, emerges from loss and deep reflection with her musical seeds sprouting into a vibrant and diverse garden with a new single, Blooming.  

BOSTON & DUBLIN  – Ajeet’s latest single, “Blooming”, released on July 22,2022, from Spirit Voyage Records. As we emerge from what felt like a long and deep winter,  Ajeet’s “Blooming” floats into the world as an invitation for freshness, a chance to welcome a new season and embrace life’s wandering currents. Ajeet says, “In this song I recognized  that being open to change brings vitality and richness to life and allows us to befriend our freedom.” Bouzouki, Bodhrán and harp weave with double bass and honey-sweet harmonies as an invitation to life. 

“I am finding new solace in the small moments of beauty around me, in the friendships that feed and enrich my heart, and more than ever in the gift of sitting down with friends to play music,” says Ajeet.

“Let It Breathe”

Ajeet’s upcoming album, “Let It Breathe,” comes to life after a challenging couple of years where she felt the ground come out from under her. Despite personal experiences of death, loss, and health challenges, she reflects on it as a precious time of learning. The first single on this album, Blooming, represents the dawn, the process of emerging from the dark in musical form.  This album is about the goodness and abundance that grows out of dark soil.

Ajeet is a world music artist weaving inspiration from traditional Irish folk to mystical and meditative soundscapes. Ajeet’s creative process bridges both live performances and her recording studio, where she produces and engineers her own records. She is a multi-instrumentalist weaving Bodhrán, piano, whistles, flutes and more into her live performances and recordings. Celebrated as #1 on the iTunes World Chart and Billboard Top 10 New Age Chart, Ajeet’s music continues to be embraced by communities around the world.

For the latest music, tour dates, and other information related to Ajeet, follow her on music and social media @ajeetmusic – Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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