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Al-Tariq Best AKA Mr. HUBB And The HUBB Stars Release The Powerful Protest Anthem “8Mins46Secs”



When several powerful music forces combine the outcome transcends mythical proportions. Hip Hop/R&B group The HUBB Stars are in a class of their own. They possess the essential elements that make a music collective great, which include quality production, poignant lyrics, and unique personalities. They have uncanny chemistry. Moreover, The HUBB Stars are masters of ceremony. They embody the true essence of Hip Hop. They are noted for their seamless flow and intricate wordplay. Their concert performances are filled with vibrant energy and stamina.

HUBB stands for “Help Us Become Better.” The New Jersey based group was founded by Al-Tariq Best AKA Mr. HUBB. The group is composed of Al-Tariq Best, ElyJah, Joy, Khamiyah and Tazyar featuring Sir Chad Thorne and Eboni Marie. There’s always something refreshing about artists who feel comfortable in their own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, The HUBB Stars are on a mission to redefine Hip Hop with authenticity. Music is more than theory and melody. It’s the power to make and change lives.

The HUBB Stars’ music is uplifting and universal. Part of what makes the group so intriguing is their ability to connect with their listeners. Equally important, the HUBB Stars take it back to when music artists were not just performing in the community, but also working to uplift the community. The HUBB Stars march to the beat of their own drum. Their no nonsense style evokes the spirits of Tupac, and Marvin Gaye all at the same time. Their sound has been compared to a modern day Public Enemy.

The HUBB Stars make music from the heart and share it with the world. Their latest hit single is entitled “8Mins46Secs”. The song is thought provoking and immensely entertaining at the same time. “8Mins46Secs” is an ode to the revolutionary movement and protests following the George Floyd murder. The composition is bold and daring. “8Mins46Secs” is another amazing protest anthem from The HUBB Stars. It is receiving kudos from DJ’s across the nation. Moreover, the riveting, dramatic music video of the song premiered to much fanfare on the Roku channel via VideoCity TV. Make sure you connect with The Hubb Stars below and keep up with their journey. You do not want to miss it.

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