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Alejandra Gómez Is Getting Ready To Launch Her Own Makeup Brand In The Near Future



Alejandra Gómez, based out of Los Angeles, California is a professional creative-makeup artist who has worked for notorieties throughout LA and has her name attached to some of the biggest entertainment industry events such as the Latina Grammy, American Music Awards, and much more. Alejandra has built a roster of on-going clients relying on her cosmetic skills to serve their professional appearance across TV Shows, movies, and events.

Your skills matter, but your communication matters more. “It really comes down to my communication skills with my artists, celebrities, and producers.” Alejandra explains. In a world where everyone has goals, ambitions, and desires, sometimes it’s hard to deliver exactly what someone requests. Alejandra is the complete opposite from that. Alejandra rarely ever gets any issues, and if a client is frustrated, she is always on top of it by actively listening to their problems, and responds to their matters once they’re finished speaking. This also lets her learn from the input rather than brushing it under-the-rug. Her ultimate goal is to have her clients happy and ready to take the stage on.

Alejandra Gómez is an excellence when it comes to modern and traditional makeup. Her skill set in color combination and skin tone management, is a great factor to her success within the cosmetic industry. For Alejandra, the color wheel is the most important aspect to be educated in. For better results is a visual representation of color arrangement according to their chromatic relationships – “I have great skin tone knowledge and solar combination. I always prepare the skin in accordance with every face I work on.” expresses Alejandra.

Alejandra Gómez has also left a tip for us today – “For better makeup application: Oily skin – has to be toned so that the mores are closed and makeup stays longer. Dry skin – always make sure that the skin is moisturized for accurate makeup application.”

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