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Alexandra Friedman is Creating a More Connected World, One Conversation at a Time



Social artist and founder of Connection Feast, Alexandra Friedman, is on a mission to create a more connected world. Through Connection Feast, Alexandra and her team host in-person and virtual experiences that revolve around a thought-provoking theme.

Alexandra’s usually skips the small talk and jumps right in to find out more about a person. She has a natural curiosity and hunger to make authentic connections with others, which helps facilitate deep and meaningful conversations and build community.

Launching Her Career in Media

“After college, I explored launching my career in media by working at The Daily Show and New York Magazine. The random choice to instead move west to New Mexico transitioned my career and life into the startup world, as I launched my first company, a green marketing agency at 22,” Alexandra said.

The social artist has a strong background in startups, content strategy, marketing, and creative program management by working at companies such as Airbnb, Udemy, Yelp, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“After receiving the Founder Institute’s Female Fellowship Award, I transitioned most of my focus into startups, including Date Night in Denver, which was an activity recommendation engine that introduced users to unique and local date ideas, and a content and creative agency called Content With Connection,” Alexandra said.

While running this boutique agency, she launched and managed large-scale content projects and programs from strategy to production based on the issues, needs, and interests specific to women, travelers, and e-learners worldwide.

Connection Feast is a compilation of Alexandra’s various startups and endeavors all based around the common theme of bringing people together and creating meaningful and memorable opportunities for connection.

Creating More Connections

To date, Connection Feast has hosted almost 50 City and Virtual Feasts since late 2018, with close to 300 unique participants, (known as “Feasters”), in Seattle alone.

Alexandra has created a place where individuals can participate in intimate yet inclusive events where Feasters can dive deep, explore big questions, and experience more meaningful conversations and connections.

In the following years, Alexandra plans to build and nourish a stronger community and presence by raising brand awareness and becoming the go-to resource for people who are looking to experience more meaningful and impactful connections with themselves, others, and the world.

Get connected with Alexandra and her company by visiting Connection Feast on Instagram. Or get to know Alexandra more by dropping by on her Instagram and Linkedin accounts.

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Women Leaders

Entrepreneurial Journey Lessons Learned & Loved by Amanda Bonnell



The life of an entrepreneur comes with a variety of experiences and opportunities. Those experiences are also rife with valuable lessons carried in them and essential to progress to success.

Amanda Bonnell, the innovative mastermind behind Harvard Strategy Consulting, Inc., has learned three valuable lessons in her successful career. These lessons became her guidelines for growing her sustainable business. 

Studying The Market And Anticipating Challenges 

No good thing ever comes easy, and challenges will always be a part of life. Amanda learned that as an entrepreneur, she shouldn’t fear the challenges that come her way. Instead, she knew that she needed to learn how to anticipate, enjoy, and be thankful for them because these challenges are necessary opportunities for her to improve her skills, sharpen her awareness and accelerate her capabilities. Challenges, for her, are a catalyst that will take her to the next level. 

Once she’s prepared herself for the work to be done according to her growth road map, she then opens her peripheral radar to anticipate the challenges that come with it, Amanda shifts her focus to being aware of her customers’ ever evolving needs, their Jobs-To-Be-Done, as it’s called in Harvard. Amanda’s secret weapon is her innate ability to ‘Find the Consumers’ Gap’ (the solution to the consumers’ needs/problems).  Bonnell has risen and commands a new level of Growth Strategy Consulting, where other competition doesn’t swim, where she coaches entrepreneurs on ‘innovative & disruptive strategies’ to disrupt their industry (filling the consumers’ gap unlike their competition).  

“This all starts with Reverse Engineering Your Revenue through the clients needs, and Not your desires.  Stay in touch with your ‘perfect’ end client, or you will lose your place as the thought leader,” she said. 

Lastly, Amanda learned from her career as an entrepreneur that leading with legacy provides her great joy in her journey. Knowing who and how she has been gifted to serve others is the ultimate reward. Viewing her business through this perspective is incredibly fulfilling, as she watches her services positively impact the lives of so many others. 

What She’s Looking Forward To 

Amanda started her career in corporate America by working for one of the top Fortune 500 firms. She dabbled in the UX doing interface design for big conglomerates like eTrade, amongst others.  She then was swept away to run Executive seminars & Event experiences.  Finally, leading a team of over a thousand Sales Reps to the #1 position in her International Division.   Seems that what every Amanda touches, turns to gold because of her focus on the end client’s experience and needs.   

She left the corporate world at the age of 28 to start her first company. She hit $1M in revenue in under 12 months. As a visionary, transformational leader, and innovative disruptive strategist, Amanda continues to lead entrepreneurs down a proven path of revenue growth, with professional and personal transformation, abundant success, collaboration, leverage, and relationships that last a lifetime. 

Next year, she’ll be taking things to the next level through LAUNCH Capsule ‘22 where clients receive a high touch one-on-one experience with Amanda, learning disruptive strategies through her simple methodologies.

Amanda is loving the lives she’s touching through her PODCAST: RUNWAY 2 Inspire, a BTS interview with inspirational entrepreneurs, which is available on all podcast platforms, and SPOILER ALERT, the writing of her book at the end of 2022. 

Visit Amanda Bonnell’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to join her magical world!

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Women Leaders

NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine On Expanding Her Upper East Side Office



It is not too long ago that Dr. Jennifer Levine completely redesigned her office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. A self-funded venture, it was an indication of her success in a man-dominated field, as well as her relentless pursuit of improvement. In Spring 2022, Dr. Levine is pushing the envelope even further by expanding her space to include more treatment rooms and an operating room.

Recognized for innovative combination treatments that deliver natural-looking results, Dr. Levine is a trailblazer in the space of facial plastic surgery. And while many things have changed for her over the past two decades as a double-board facial plastic surgeon, her motivation for growth and expansion remains the same.

Dr. Jennifer Levine shares, “I come into work every day, and I see the impact I have on other people’s lives. I get to witness the transformation my patients go through, both the physical and emotional changes. The moment they realize that they have become the best version of themselves is always a beautiful moment to be a part of.” 

A facilitator of confidence, Dr. Levine works collaboratively with her patients on creating a look that accentuates their features rather than completely changing them. The comfort of her patients throughout the entire process is something her all-women team is thoroughly trained on. One little-known comfort that makes a big difference is that Dr. Levine performs certain procedures – most notably blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift – under local anesthesia.

“My patients are busy people who want to safely minimize their downtime as much as possible. By completing surgical procedures under local anesthesia, I am able to make my patients more at ease while shortening their recovery time significantly. This also reduces hospital and general anesthesia fees,” Dr. Levine adds.

Expanding her space will allow Dr. Levine to complete more surgical procedures, while also providing her growing list of patients with extra appointment slots for non-invasive treatments including Ultherapy, Emsculpt, Sculpsure, Evoke and more. 

Completing research projects for Ultherapy, one of Dr. Levine’s favorite non-invasive treatments, and being the first to offer ground-breaking treatments like Emsculpt NEO and Evoke, Dr. Jennifer Levine is recognized as a trailblazer in combining non-invasive treatments to create long-lasting results that look natural. Her innovative approach has earned her positions such as the vice-chairperson of the Innovation and Emerging Technology Committee of the AAFPRS, which allow her to further impact the world of medical aesthetics. 

To know more about Dr. Jennifer Levine, make sure to visit her official website. For more live updates follow her on Instagram.

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Women Leaders

Anny living life in color!



Anny started her business and talent in her living room at home. She started off small and then grew immensely. Went from adding beauty in a small quaint space to traveling the world and leaving colorful prints along the way. Quesada’s life is far from dull and painted in black and white, she lives life in color. This far from boring artist has a great goal and that is to help everyone feel beautiful inside and out. 

She loves to travel and while she’s traveling she likes taking some time from her talent to learn different cultures and tasting different kinds of food. She has colored hair in and travelled to Dubai, France and Costa Rica. She is a sponsored artist and is sponsored by Keracolor. 

This ambitious artist has accomplished quite a lot. Anny has been nominated in the top 100 for behind the chair one shot awards, she has opened up her own private studio and was able to work with other people around the globe. Anny Quesada is not stopping there. Her goal for the upcoming year consists of helping children and young teens in rural areas in different countries with not only helping their self esteem but also providing them with a positive outlet to express themselves while having fun and being creative. She is hoping to travel to more new places and hoping to help someone along the way. 

Keep your eyes open for Anny, she might just appear in your city, state or country. Also keep up with her on social media to never miss her next move or to just check out her works.

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