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Alexandra Friedman is Creating a More Connected World, One Conversation at a Time



Social artist and founder of Connection Feast, Alexandra Friedman, is on a mission to create a more connected world. Through Connection Feast, Alexandra and her team host in-person and virtual experiences that revolve around a thought-provoking theme.

Alexandra’s usually skips the small talk and jumps right in to find out more about a person. She has a natural curiosity and hunger to make authentic connections with others, which helps facilitate deep and meaningful conversations and build community.

Launching Her Career in Media

“After college, I explored launching my career in media by working at The Daily Show and New York Magazine. The random choice to instead move west to New Mexico transitioned my career and life into the startup world, as I launched my first company, a green marketing agency at 22,” Alexandra said.

The social artist has a strong background in startups, content strategy, marketing, and creative program management by working at companies such as Airbnb, Udemy, Yelp, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“After receiving the Founder Institute’s Female Fellowship Award, I transitioned most of my focus into startups, including Date Night in Denver, which was an activity recommendation engine that introduced users to unique and local date ideas, and a content and creative agency called Content With Connection,” Alexandra said.

While running this boutique agency, she launched and managed large-scale content projects and programs from strategy to production based on the issues, needs, and interests specific to women, travelers, and e-learners worldwide.

Connection Feast is a compilation of Alexandra’s various startups and endeavors all based around the common theme of bringing people together and creating meaningful and memorable opportunities for connection.

Creating More Connections

To date, Connection Feast has hosted almost 50 City and Virtual Feasts since late 2018, with close to 300 unique participants, (known as “Feasters”), in Seattle alone.

Alexandra has created a place where individuals can participate in intimate yet inclusive events where Feasters can dive deep, explore big questions, and experience more meaningful conversations and connections.

In the following years, Alexandra plans to build and nourish a stronger community and presence by raising brand awareness and becoming the go-to resource for people who are looking to experience more meaningful and impactful connections with themselves, others, and the world.

Get connected with Alexandra and her company by visiting Connection Feast on Instagram. Or get to know Alexandra more by dropping by on her Instagram and Linkedin accounts.

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