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All You Need To Know About John Francis Sharkey



When it comes to outstanding musicians of all time, no one can forget John Francis Sharkey. People who have been following the music industry since the 1990s will be highly familiar with this name.

Circus of Power’s bassist is John Francis Sharkey, who has been with the band since 2012. Although they separated in 1995, their music never went out of style, and admirers enjoyed listening to it. However, they reunited in 2014 and have since released two studio albums and three EPs.

Revivals That Have Taken Over the Internet

In 2006, the band celebrated its 20th anniversary with two gigs, the first in Texan at Elysium and the second in New York City at Don Hill’s. Their concert in New York was a complete atmosphere, and it was also their first performance in the city in 12 years. Queen Vixen and Honey 1Percenter from Cycle Sluts from Hell provided backup vocals, while guest performers included Daniel Rey (Ramones) and Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet). The revival songs brought back the old atmosphere for the crowd, and they were completely in their element, singing along with the connection.

In 2007, vocalist Alex Mitchell brought back another song and relaunched the band with a new album. In 2008, the band was invited to perform on two different occasions. Unfortunately, owing to scheduling issues, it was unable to take place.

Another remastered release of Circus of Power’s eponymous first album was expected in 2008, and it was eventually held on June 27, 2009. The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles hosted this event to promote the reissue and commemorate Club Vodka’s seventh anniversary.

In 2016, the band finally released another new track and video, “American Monster,” which was shown on Jyrki 69 of the 69 Eyes.

John Francis Sharkey- The Bassist

John Francis Sharkey, the band’s bassist, was one of the faces of Circus of Power. Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York City, he joined the band when they reassembled in 2014 and has been blessed it with his vast and unrivaled skill ever since. His bass speaking abilities speak for themselves, and he is well-known for them. He also works as a bassist for Karen Iris and 9th Street Bodega.

As an actor and composer, he created a music video for the band. He is most known for his performances in Circus of Power: Fast and Easy (2017) and Circus of Power Feat (2017). Circus of Power: Princess of Mars (2017) and Jyrki 69: American Monster (2017) (2018). He is currently employed with LAPWP and has served in the IBEW.

Because the band has reformed, we have once again had the opportunity to enjoy music at its finest, with their own touch of rhythms in the songs. In their tracks, you will be able to appreciate anything from the 1990s to contemporary pop music. Alex Mitchell – vocals, Scotty Slam – drums, Joe Bondoc – guitar, Billy Tsounsis – guitar, John Sharkey – bass, and Joe Truck – guitar have reunited to transform the music business with their tunes.


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