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Alternative Phenomenon – Meditative Animal



There is something wonderfully out of step with the modern music vibe going on here. It reminds us that not everything has to be polished and conformist, adherent to fad or fashion. There is also something in the rawness and rattle, the simplicity and the soul to be found on Alternative Phenomenon that sets it apart from most albums being made today.

There is something slightly retro, too, reference points seeming to be more in the realms of Arlo Guthrie or Country Joe and the Fish than anything from the modern marketplace. And like such artists, it is the ability to blend raggle-taggle vibes with melody and sweet guitar runs, heady harmonics, and lilting addictiveness.

And there is also depth to explore inner wisdom, universal truths, mood, and emotion, from love to loss, to longing, to living and beyond; all humanity is found within this seemingly simple music.

But simplicity is an illusion; it might be the aspect that quickly draws the listener in. Still, once you start to appreciate what is going on here, start exploring the message, and get the measure of the music, you will want to stay here…at least until they release this album, that is.

Alternative Phenomenon is out on 10/11/2022. Visit Meditative Animal’s official website for more information. 

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