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Amela Zetterberg is going to launch Monoimanii art shop before the end of 2022



Amela Zetterberg Monoimanii art shop

Are you an art fan? Art lovers, like music lovers, can’t get enough of painting or any other form of art; neither creators nor viewers. For such lovers, Amela Zetterberg is launching her art shop with all she’s got.

The famous women’s dress designer, Amela Zetterberg, has a reputation as an exclusive artist and designer. Amela is a beautiful, talented, qualified, and versatile designer and painter all over the world. She has delivered multiple successful fashion and art projects to enhance the value of her fieldwork. Monoimanii, who lives in Stockholm, is known for producing some of the industry’s best work.

Although Amela had been in love with painting since her childhood, she began her professional work a few years ago. She studied child psychology in London and political sciences and business in Stockholm. All these studies and their fieldwork did not really satisfy her inner self.

She even worked in the financial industry and never felt like she belonged there. only getting the craft education at Tillskärarakademi Stockholm she understood art is the way for her. She wanted to carry on her art studies at Parson New York but got delayed due to COVID-19. However, she began her Monoimanii project.

The inspiration came to Amela when she was designing clothes for her little daughter. Amela Zetterberg demonstrated her amazing fashionista skills through her clothing line Monoimanii, which is now known as an international aesthetic trademark. She founded the company a few years back and has amused every fashion lover. Monoimanii is a global lady-focused design fashion style created to make women feel like the best versions of themselves. Amela designs items that reflect a lady’s personality whilst conveying power and confidence via the design. She became the voice of modern austerity, as well as a strong feeling of refinement, adaptability, and ease. Amela makes outfits using some of the best materials she has obtained from places throughout the world, notably London, New York, and Paris.

After delivering many successful chic projects, Amela is now ready to launch an art shop. The shop is going to launch on any date from October 1st to November 2022. Furthermore, Amela is going to release a music album in 2023 by collaborating with many great artists of the time. The news is that the artists are the ones from Monoimanii Talks.

Like many other times, one of the significant purposes of these projects is to help the people. Amela has helped many people through different foundations. She, for example, aided organizations that rescue, educate, and shelter children trafficked. This time she is funding a support system for young and beginning artists. The goal is simple: to grow the art industry by providing resources to every talented individual who cannot afford them.

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