In this exclusive interview with REDXMagazine, multi-talented artist Scott Howard gives us a sneak peek at his eagerly awaited album “Angel Numbers” and provides some insight into his path as a lightworker. Scott’s music and creative endeavors have been influenced by his quest for the truth and his desire to support others on their own paths since his awakening in 2017 and throughout his enlightenment journey. Scott’s music is hailed as genre-defying and draws inspiration from his life, experiences to produce a distinctive sound that appeals to the mind, body, and soul. Scott talks about his future plans, and his hopes for his music to have a positive social impact. Get ready to be inspired and join Scott on his journey through sound and spirit.

Your upcoming album “Angel Numbers” has generated a lot of excitement, can you give us a sneak peek into what listeners can expect from the album and what inspired its concept?

As the music is written prophetically…the subjects I deal with are not like other genres.   This is a NEW or ancient genre of music that speaks to me from Source in the frequency of 432Hz.  The idea is to have the listeners participate in the lyrics to help awaken and raise their vibration once the truth or subjects has put a fire back in their soul to begin a journey of enlightenment.  

The album title begins in 2017 when I went through my Awakening and went through and still go through till this day, a growing thirst for the truth and to help others choose a path of truth…that all is not what it seems…. what you see and hear is controlled by others, and the path to truth comes from within. 

Angel Numbers tells an ongoing story of all kinds, not just humankind as we are all one… the ocean, the sea creatures, the rocks, clouds, air and all that is one and, in this matrix, called the Earthly realm.  

Each song is another chapter in each one of the albums written. 

Angel Numbers            Last Lifetime

It’s Our Time                Glitch in Reality

Godless Land               We Are Forever

Our Beautiful Ones     Nickola Don & John

Lost Art of Truth         This Feeling Called Love

“The Cards of the Tarot, I’vebeen shown, ice walls surround our prison …like Game of Thrones….”

“The keys to the Kingdom are in a higher vibration…raise your 3rd eye sights…on the highest destination!”

Each song tells a different story, at the same time, this will be more of an acoustic album, with less effects or studio feel to it.   The music is meant to tear away the layers of your ego, and leave you emotional.   This album is some of the best music I have written and I pray it resonates with love and the heart chakra of all.

You’re in the process of releasing an eBook titled “A Lightworker’s Journey: The Unseen-Inbetween Kingdom,” can you tell us about the inspiration behind the book and how it ties in with your music and creative work?

In 2017, theawakening I went through, reset my view of the reality we live in.  It was going from a spectator in my life’s movie to the main starring role in my reality.  I think we all go through life cheating our way through, not realizing that it’s not a dress rehearsal.  It was the first week in August, and my life was about to go off the rails and I was never going to be the same.   So many times, we tell stories of our lives not truly feeling it’s ME I am speaking about.   The weeks leading up to August 2017, strange to say the least, I was seeing numbers over and over again (8888).   The clouds no longer were clouds but “alive” in that they were no longer billowy clouds but had shapes, I purchased a Nikon P900 camera and what I saw with my naked eye no longer matched the camera lens… I remember having dreams as a child of 7, the same dream over and over… I remember seeing things as a child but pushing the thoughts out of my head… I now see them in my home, they are here, always watching… then it happened… a year after to the day, my son Maxx at 29, was gone… taken from me… but he is still here…. literally, his spirit lives in my home with me.   Spiritually my life and music evolved… and I began about 6 years ago taking photos… to corroborate my stories with my photos and music…

I think others have been going through what I have and have questions in need of answering but nowhere to go ….that is where “A Lightworkers Journey…” comes in.The eBook is an account of my life… childhood, prophetic dreams, stories of the journey I am on… meditation plays a key role in my life and should be for anyone on this path taken… it can be lonely at times…and with the last few years with people being lied to and separated from their families and friends, the only place to go is and always…was WITHIN.  

Your music has been described as genre-defying, can you tell us more about your unique style and how you incorporate different elements into your music to create a distinct sound?

We are talking about me?? Lol… 

Being your own person or having a distinctive style, doesn’t just happen… we are all evolving. This is a NEW but ancient genre of music from Source in 432Hz.  The elements come from experience of living a life as honest and trying to experience the events of one’s life in the third person… I never thought of myself of having a style, but began to realize what I was being told to write about was meant to be heard by everyone… as I know, when my son died, I was broken… and I have now spent years writing music to fill a hole in my world that can never be filled.  But I knew others might feel as I do and might need to hear their thoughts in music… music had been lacking for a long time… it lost its soul.  I hope I can help to regainthat emotion that people have been feeling and in need of healing…  hope, truth, love and healing…. Be light…

If that is a style…then I am full of it… LOL!

As a multi-talented artist, what do you see as the role of music in society and how do you hope your music can impact and influence people’s lives?

Music used to be the moral gauge of a society… it pushed the envelope but made people look at themselves to take life in stride, to take it easy and in a way, make love not war.

Lately, music has been weird, it’s all about the wrong things.It’s time for light and it’s time to hold a dark society accountable for its transgressions.

“It’sour time…remember our plan… once forgotten… never again…”

“Come with me…beyond the passage…a treasured truth… a hidden world.”

“Angels…fairies…giants and gnomes. Real& alive…inner earth our Eden’s home.”

“It’s our time…together…we’re unstoppable….”

“Wake up, we have never been alone…as above so below….”

You have a very dedicated and passionate fanbase, what message do you have for them and what can they expect from you in the future?

The world has become a scary place… I do hope the emotions and truths I am trying to convey continue to resonate…and help heal.   It is not easy to be an independent artist.  In 2019, I had a feeling that I would not be able to tour, so I did a Concert Film… “World Ascension Tour…LIVE at Village Studios in 432Hz”.  The film was received very well, but it was censored.I made the soundtrack in vinyl as I wanted people to remember how great it was to hold the music and artwork. This is a vinyl record in 432Hz…great sound.  Check out my new website as this is where you can buy the vinyl album and all of my music.  You can also watch me on YouTube and listen to my music on Spotify as well as connect with me on all other social media platforms.

I hope you will listen to my upcoming albums, “Angel Numbers” and “The Tree of Life” in 432 Hz. Visit my website to hear my new album’s promo, which will be available in the next couple of weeks.

I’m also working on a tour, if I can get out of the studio!For all the updates, go to Thank you! We are all one soul; we are merely fractals of the one Source.

Be light!