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An exclusive interview with ” The Opposite of Sad”



The Opposite of sad official imag

Everyone wants to achieve greatness, success, fame, and earn money, but few have the guts to work for it as achieving all these is not a piece of cake. One has to make a lot of sacrifices and work hard and change their priorities. Some people can’t achieve all these, but few stubborn people can take everything to achieve success. While talking about those stubborn artists, we cannot ignore our American artists’ hardships.

Today, we are going to share our exclusive and essential interview with one of the best artists the world has ever seen. So, tell me, what is the inspiration behind this unique stage name, i.e., The Opposite of Sad?

“Yeah, I got a lot of questions about this name, and I’ve tried to answer them. The reason behind this name was spreading positivity. Everyone around us is trying to happy or maybe pretending to be happy. If I want to spread positive vibes, I have to be so precise, so I choose this name that would give positive vibes to the reader, listener, and all my fans around the globe.”

Tell me, when and how did you realize that you can be a musician?

“I was a big fan of music as it always made me happy whenever I was depressed. I was so addicted to good music, and I used to listen to music all time. I was a big fan of Backstreet Boys and N’Sync for a long time. Later on, when I joined the school, my parents told me to join a local school band where I played alto and sax. So many people and even my friends and my girlfriend made fun of me, but I took all this bullying and rejection from the girl I loved the most as my inspiration.”

Do you care to share with us how you started music after your school?

“I played drum and guitar for a while in my school band, but when I got graduated from school, I started working on electronic beats, and after getting known among the streets and music industry, I started singing and songwriting by myself.”

If you were comfortable, can I ask you how you came up with this unique tattoo on your forehead?

“one, I managed to get hold of magic mushrooms, and I scoffed them all down. I was so alone and high as a kite, and no one was around to understand me. I went to Lavish Tattoo on El Cajon, and I knew that I wanted a tattoo. I was lying down, and the universe whispered in my ears that ‘It is fucked up, but it is true.’ I decided at that moment that this is what I want on my forehead.”

Wow, as you were high as a kite, do you have any kind of regrets about plating this tattoo?

“No, I don’t have any kind of regrets. Even though I was very high when I was getting this tattoo, I always say that I have no regret of doing this on my forehead.

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