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An introduction to youth marketing from NERDS Collective



Any marketing endeavor geared toward young people is known as “youth marketing.” This group is generally divided into smaller subgroups based on the individuals’ ages. These subgroups include preteens, adolescents, college students, and young adults between 23 and 34. Products and advertising campaigns are tailored individually for each market segment to appeal to that sector’s particular consumer base. This advertising approach does not restrict itself to a specific channel of marketing or method in any way. Marketing to young people occurs across various mediums, including television, radio, print, and the internet, in dozens of different formats. It is common practice for businesses to insinuate themselves into the culture of young people by providing financial support to extreme athletes, musical artists, and high school sports teams. Young people, in particular, place a high premium on authenticity because they want the businesses they support to represent their beliefs and preferences accurately.

Because they significantly impact the shopping choices of their friends and family, NERDS Collective, a youth marketing agency, states that young people are very valued customers. Teens, in addition to being consumers themselves, can influence the vacation destination of their families, the kind of vehicle they decide to purchase, and the clothing their peers choose to wear. NERDS further states that when a product or brand is seen as “cool” because it is well-liked by young people, ultimately, its popularity increases.

NERDS Collective’s tips for a successful youth marketing campaign

The following is a list of the frequent tactics NERDS Collective suggests to businesses to increase their brand recognition among younger generations and influencemore youthful people.

Support a cause: You should determine which concepts or organizations young people are passionate about to provide support for them. Obtaining an understanding of their core beliefs might help develop new advertising methods. You may get closer to the young people and stay in their thoughts by running advertising that focuses on the ideas they find essential or the collaboration you will have with the organizations in which they are most interested.

Act rapidly: Teenagers often have a limited attention span, so you’ll need to take quick steps. Suppose you want the advertising of your business to be successful. In that case, you should create advertisements with humorous messaging to grab people’s attention and keep the message that you want to convey to the absolute minimum number of words feasible. Using games, films, and web applications, you can keep their curiosity alive.

Listen up: Young customers are ready to communicate their opinions and ideas and want to feel that they are partners in the brand. Request input from your younger clients and pay attention to any recommendations they may have.

Stay Current with the Youth Trends: The ways that young people live are all their own. The people listen to different music, frequent various locations, and dress in multiple ways, all of which are distinct. You need to understand their lives and pay attention to the things they like or consume the most. For example, we may increase the recognition of our brand by participating in activities that younger people, such as theater productions, concerts, sporting events, and festivals, primarily attend.

About the NERDS Collective

NERDS Collective is a worldwide young marketing firm that Luke Hodson established in 2013. It is a specialized culture marketing collective with the mission of positioning businesses at the forefront of culture through hyper-nuanced consumer insights, cultural strategy, and creative content. The firm aims to bring attention to and serve as a champion for people living in inner-city neighborhoods and grassroots communities by investigating how major corporations can assume a more significant role in the lives of those people and the communities they inhabit.


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