The Story

Once up on a time…  No! A long time ago…  No!

Kindly! I welcome you all to my life journey, not just by the words I scribbled, but with the feelings of my heart. Let’s get started.

Like the title description, I was born with a golden spoon. May be my nature and simplicity suited me more than the rich attire I own. I along with my family, kicked off from my little palace and grabbed the crown of royalty at the age of twelve.

A dad’s little princess never needed a crown to showcase her charm. Shield of education, Armor of knowledge, sword of bravery and my will power conceded me to got into the battle with poverty and responsibilities.

Aim, focus, goal is the only formula I applied in every aspect of life. Just seized the success and dripped into my sac.

Money! Money! Money! Yep! Played a vital role in my life. When it was on a trip, everyone around me made me an invisible person. When they sniffed the money prepping up joy and happiness in life, they all flew back to taste the luscious tang of my wealth.

I always respect and value each and every penny I own. I neither felt happy acting rich, nor been ill for showcasing my past. I believe in standing firm at a place.

“It might be sunny now, but at the right time you could acknowledge the diligent moon light.”

Success and me are good friends. Although we fight, I enquire my failure about my success.

“Acceptance is a course of action to realize your are living in the reality.”

‘Failures are the best teachers’, there’s a old saying. More than my failures, the strength and ability I accuiqued from my teachers, made me capable enough to embrace my negligence.

In my life, I take an initiative as House wife, Teacher, Blogger, Writer, Author, Podcaster, psychological listener, Yogi and a Social activist. Who’s sac was filled with a world record (for winning numerous competitions and receiving awards) and 14 National Awards. My writings lend a hand to scribble my name in the history by penning it under 12 World records and 2 National records.

I could definitely say, it’s just a beginning, as the ocean will never dry up. Though, I owns a golden spatula, accustomed to have meals in a clay pot.

“Roots of a tree are invisible power of its growth we witness.”

About Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti

Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti, born in Andhra Pradesh on 29-11-1994. She have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering. She is an elegant writer and an efficient author, who dare to express her feelings and emotions with her bold and idealistic words, to spread positivity and bring awareness about right way to lead the life. She is a socialist, who stand for the truth and fight against antagonists in society with her writings.

Being a home maker, attune to create a beautiful art, either it’s with ink filled in pen on a paper, or brush dipped in paint on a canvas.

Although a teacher by profession, acts as a verified psychological listener at 7 cups, who listen to people’s problem and heal them from inside. She started writing in her page at Instagram and dedicate it to her late friend who committed suicide. She is inspiring people by interacting with them and understanding their pains, who are in verge of committing suicide.

Whenever you feel alone, ping her on.

Instagram I’d: @celebrate_golden_days.


Mail: @[email protected]