Exchange Media Ventures (EMV) has recently welcomed a remarkable addition to its talent agency team, Andrew Luna. As a fresh graduate from San Diego State University, Luna brings a wealth of potential and past achievements in the talent representation space. With his exceptional skills and dedication, Luna aims to secure more lucrative brand deals for EMV’s roster of talented individuals.

Luna’s journey to becoming a sought-after talent agent at Exchange Media Ventures began at San Diego State University. During his time there, Luna displayed an unparalleled passion for the entertainment industry and a natural talent for building relationships. His enthusiasm and drive propelled him to excel in the field of talent management, laying a strong foundation for his future career.

Luna’s potential quickly caught the attention of industry professionals. Through his involvement in various internships and networking events, Luna showcased his exceptional ability to identify and nurture emerging talent. This keen eye for potential and his innate understanding of market trends made him a standout candidate for EMV’s talent agency.

Founder of EMV, Sanjeev Nachiappan, saw the immense value that Luna could bring to the team. Founder Sanjeev Nachiappan has had a friendship with Luna since highschool and during that time period has realized all of Andrew’s skills align with a job as a talent agent.

Sanjeev witnessed Luna’s enthusiastic attitude for influencer marketing and recognized his expertise in forging meaningful connections with brands and securing profitable partnerships for artists, influencers, and content creators. Luna’s strong negotiation skills and strategic approach made him an ideal candidate to expand EMV’s brand deals portfolio. Their favorite show is Entourage and have always admired “Ari Gold ” and WME’s success in the movie and in real life. So much so that Luna mentioned that one day, he will be the new Ari Gold.

Luna’s track record in securing successful brand deals is impressive. His ability to align the right talent with the right brands, creating authentic and engaging partnerships, has proven to be invaluable. With Luna on board, EMV is poised to elevate its talent roster and establish itself as a leading force in the industry.

Exchange Media Ventures has long been known for its commitment to talent development and nurturing long-term relationships with its clients. By adding Luna to their talent agency, EMV further solidifies their dedication to providing the highest level of representation and brand partnerships to their artists.

As Andrew Luna embarks on his journey with Exchange Media Ventures, the industry eagerly awaits the new heights he will help EMV talent reach. With his remarkable achievements and unparalleled potential, Luna’s role as a talent agent at EMV promises to secure more brand deals and open doors to new opportunities for the agency’s diverse and talented roster. As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, Andrew Luna’s expertise and strategic approach position him as an invaluable asset to Exchange Media Ventures and the talents they represent.