McMarro Family Restaurants is bringing their charity event ‘818 McMagical Giveback’ to Los Angeles this December 18th. The event will be between 12-4 pm EST time and will allow visitors to come out and support, enjoy live entertainment from artists MC Magic, DJ Cheatos, Mia Mei, and Loomis, as well as incredible giveaways. There will be tons of prizes to win for all guests; to name a few, there will be free toys, haircuts, raffles, backpacks, etc. ‘818 McMagical Giveback’ is being promoted by Concrete (concretelive), which means we can already predict for this event to be a lively one based upon Concrete’s track record.

Andrew Marroquin is the President and CEO of McMarro Family Restaurants (McDonalds).  One of the largest Mexican-American owned franchisees in the McDonald’s system. Son of immigrants and graduate of UCLA with a degree in International Development Studies.  Out of college, Andrew started as a crew member In McDonald’s and learned the business and was accepted in the McDonald’s Owner-Operator program. Andrew has been instrumental in growing the family business as well as the family’s real estate holdings. Andrew loves spending time with his family and is passionate about giving back to his community in particular the Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley.

McMarro Family Restaurants is presenting such a grand event in LA because they believe in giving back to communities. McMarro Restaurants has a story, and it didn’t start with just pure victories, successful moments and achievements. There was great sacrifice involved in order for McMarro to be where it is today. And thus, McMarro Family Restaurants will always consider their community as their family.
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“Hernando and Fran Marroquin, established their first McDonald’s restaurant in Torrance California in 1988. They both left successful careers elsewhere to venture into the restaurant business. Shortly after establishing their first restaurant the opportunity arose for growth in the Antelope Valley.

In 1990, they sold their restaurant in Torrance and moved their family to Palmdale where they opened a restaurant in Mojave followed by another one in Lancaster. They both worked endlessly to establish their restaurants and a presence in the Antelope Valley. Growth came very quickly for the Marroquin as they expanded to Rosamond and California City as well as continued growth in Lancaster and Palmdale.

In 2007 their son Andrew joined the company and was approved by McDonald’s as an Owner/ Operator. With his help, rapid growth continued for the family. Today, the Marroquin own 32 McDonald’s restaurants reaching from Bishop in the north, Oxnard on the coast, and a concentration in the Antelope and San Fernando Valleys.

The Marroquin, including their daughter, Amanda, are all graduates of UCLA. With Hernando and Fran earning Master’s degrees in Business and Counseling respectively. The Family recognizes the importance of education and has experienced first-hand the opportunities that can arise, and the doors that can open as a result of a college education.

The Marroquin family has given back to the community in many ways throughout their career as Owner/Operators. They have sat on many boards, lead many organizations, and contributed thousands of dollars to many worthy causes in the communities surrounding their restaurants. Education has always been a passion for the Marroquin.

Another program, “I’m Going to College” brings elementary and middle school children onto the college campus to experience a college football game, tour, and tailgate. The purpose is to expose the children as well as their parents to college and to the opportunities that exist there. The “Chasing Your Dreams” Scholarship Program was created by Hernando in 2013, as a means of recognizing, and helping local youth achieve their dreams of an education.

Since its inception, the Marroquin family have given out close to 400 scholarships to deserving youth. The goal of the family is to expand their scholarship program into the San Fernando Valley, Oxnard, Bishop, and Lone Pine. “