To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment and Anna represents just that.

Anna was born in Moscow and had spent half of her life in Spain, which helped her attain diverse absorption of culture, literature, modern music, fusing sounds and concepts internationally, as the music industry itself continues to globalize,

Global Following

Anna was inclined to western music from a very young age. She says “I have been making music before I could walk, as long as I can remember, I was taught piano and vocals from early childhood. “By taking a big chance, Anna released her first single named “The Edm Song” in April 2020, to make a place for herself in the pop industry. She gained a global following just after five months of independently releasing her first music, through the lyrical statements of restless ambition, identity crisis, and connection to God, juxtaposed with groovy pop instrumentals.

Rise Of A Star

Ever since Anna’s first song released, she had stayed consistent with her craft and one of her achievements was the rising popularity of her song “Movie”, it was her third ever single which she made, released, and promoted fully independently. She also signed a label named ‘Estabrook Road Records’ with which she’s still working. She says “The rise of my music and brand building was initially managed fully by my own, and I had no previous experience of it but because of the hard work I had put in, despite unstable living circumstances and bad health, I was able to stay motivated in my journey.” When asked about her current projects and goals, she mentioned “1st of January 2021 to mark the new beginnings, my debut album ‘Change Ur Body’ will be available in all stores. ‘Change your body’ explores ideas of reincarnation, growing up, creative progress, and artistic dehumanization. The album represents the future as globalized, genderless, faceless, and unified; the revolution of humankind.”


Through her journey, Anna learned to have patience and also choose the people she worked with carefully. She is a hard-working and goal-oriented woman who has stayed consistent throughout her journey, and her advice for people striving to follow their career paths in music is “Keep in mind that this is an industry and a business, stay clear-headed and understand the objectives of people you surround yourself with.”

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