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Antoine The Icon’s Journey to Becoming A Music Icon And How It Influenced His Style



Oftentimes, our life experiences influence a great deal of who we are today. It can be seen in the way we interact with others, face challenges, as well as our work ethics. For artists, the things they’ve gone through personally and professionally can serve as inspiration for their music and their style. 

The same can be said for Antoine The Icon, a 27-year-old rapper, performer, producer, and recording artist. In his journey to becoming an artist that can do it all, he has met with trials and tribulations along the way. 

Due to the many struggles that he faced in life and as an artist, Antoine has since grown over the years in terms of his character and drive. Now, he boasts of a unique flow and sense of creativity. 

Expressing Himself Through Music 

Antoine started his career in music when he was 12-years-old by freestyling and battle rapping against people in high school. Before he knew it, he got hooked on the idea of learning more about music and what he could if he used it just right. 

In finding out what he can about music and how he can best wield his talents, Antoine has developed his style in a way that not only a certain group of people can relate with, but people of mixed cultures can as well. 

His music allows them to understand how Antoine feels about the different topics in the world, life, and his passion for his craft. 

A Jack of All Trades 

Having found his rhythm and style as an artist, Antoine has amassed over 300,000 streams on Spotify and has been able to perform in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and many other locations. He even had the opportunity to perform in various radio stations. 

But despite all this, Antoine only wishes to be the artist who can do it all. 

“I would want to be perceived as not a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), not a legend. Just The Icon,” Antoine said. 

At the moment, Antoine is working on two different projects for this year: “The Weekend in Orlando” and “The Process.”

“My key goal is to gain more fans and more streams, radio plays, album purchases, and more interviews,” he said. 

The Key is to Never Settle 

When asked about what he learned so far on his journey to success, Antoine said: 

“I learned that work ethic and never settling goes a long way. Not to forget networking is a major key. You have to trust the process. Keep at it, take everything you’ve been through, and put it in music. People will try you and take advantage of you. Never quit because you never know what tomorrow has in store for you.” 

Check out Antoine The Icon on his social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Young And Determined, Halo Is Making Sure His Music IS Heard Around The World.



Born as Joseph Howard but known by his stage name HALO is an artist with a whole lot of determination and hunger for success. Halo was born and raised in New York City. He is 24 years old and has been creating music since he was 18 years old. At a very young age Halo started to fall in love with music, he listened to a wide variety from Frankie Valli to Tupac. Music was his outlet and a better way to become more in tune with himself.

Most people wonder where an artists’ name comes from or what inspired their stage name. The name Halo came from a piece of jewelry that one of his closest friends had given him and it’s stayed with him to this day. Halo is very connected to his craft and does just about everything to get things right. When he was just 18 years old he started writing songs. For things to come out right Halo would research and look up how to structure a song and how to pick the right beats. To this day he is still doing what he can to make his music sound as great as possible and he goes over and beyond to give his supporters the best content.

So far Halo has put out three projects. Each of these projects shows his growth. At this very moment Halo is working on a joint project with a young producer who is also a friend to him. Halo is working on a small E.P using 6 of his friends’ beats. Halo also has a single dropping soon titled “Lately” and that is set to drop by the end of this summer. Make sure you connect with his content and keep track of his releases, you do not want to miss them.

Stream his music here

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Eric Bernardin: Is “Takin Over” With His Latest Single



Eric Bernardin is an on the rise musical talent from West Palm Beach, Florida. Eric is an American songwriter, composer for film, producer as well as a conductor. He began producing tracks using DAW software’s such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason, Logic and Pro-tools. While being in West Palm Beach seeking his bachelors degree in music he learned to master Logic. This was his go to. Once graduating from college his music career took off. Since his musical journey Mr. Bernardin has received a variety of awards for his compositions, including the international Composers Form, Musician of the Year awards, and the Linda Ganter Holz Scholarship Award. Mr. Bernardin has worked with multi plaque producer and recent director, Ludas Charles, who worked with known celebrities such as Lil Wayne “Lollipop” and Pretty Ricky “Bluestar”. Mr. Bernardin’s specialties are Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B tracks.

Although Eric enjoyed creating beats and offering them to artists for free, he soon realized it was too time consuming and did not benefit him at all. He decided to pursue his rapping career more seriously and started off with his single “Losing Time” which gained him a lot of feedback and support on social media. Mr. Bernardin’s music has been aired on SiriusXM radio which was a huge achievement. Eric is a talented individual who has mastered a plethora of musical instruments over the years. He is an inspiration to the community and a role model for all.

Eric Bernardin is now working on completing his first album. So far, he released 5 singles to build his fan base and get a bit of recognition and respect from his peers and fans. He is working on getting a feature from a known artist while working on completing his album. Mr. Bernardin key goals for the upcoming year are to have a hit album, singles, and meet top celebrities. He would like to continue to grow his fan base and hope to create a label to help other upcoming artists.

Stream his latest single “Takin Over” out now on all platforms

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TFYH Real: Aims To Create Music And Be A Role Model Within The Community



Remy Marseille better known as TFYH Real is an on the rise recording artist from Miami Beach, Florida. His music has no limits as he can mesh with an genre. He is a versatile artist and does not limit himself to one type of sound. Life has been a struggle while growing up Haitian, but he persevered and became the man he is today and plans to address his earlier life in a future autobiography. Music has kept him sane and motivated through troubling times. TFYH Real believes that he can motivate and inspire others through his music.

Although the grind never stops, he has already seen much success through his music. He has had a major feature with well known artists Mike & Rondo Smiff (City Of Hard Knocks). He has also released more high quality visuals and is growing his catalog consistently. TFYH Real is not just an artist, he is a father, businessman, leader and role model as well. He aims to set an example for the youth and help the community. This year he will be releasing an album and creating new visuals for his audience. His plans are to keep expanding his brand and growing. Make sure you check out his recent releases now on all platforms and get familiar with his content before he releases his new records.

Stream his latest visual now on Youtube “My Eagles”. This video shows TFYH Real’s true talent and ability to create music that moves others. Helping the community is always his first priority and he will do that one record at a time.

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