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Art Industry News: Kat Mozgin, A Name To Remember In Digital Art



Picture of Kate Mozgin Processed with Lensa with BW2 filter

Kat Mozgin is a digital artist with Ukrainian origin. Born on May 6th, 1990, in the city of Yalta within Crimea. In 2006 she moved to live and study in Kyiv (capital of Ukraine) where she lives to this day. Kat has many travels and spends a lot of time in Dubai as well as the United States. In her art works, Kat combines 3D animation, photography, motion design and video art. In Kat’s words, “My personal experiences shape the nature of my art works”. She has been studying digital art since 2014. And in 2016 she is actively involved in photography and video art (NYC Manhattan Academy of art).

“Since digital art firmly entered our daily life, art has also changed”, Kat says. In 2020, her video art work “Consciousness. The door to your soul” was selected as a participant for the New York Film Festival, (New York Independent Film Festival), but due to the Pandemic situation with Covid in the world, the festival did not take place. These obstacles did not stop this artist and already in 2022, Kat Mozgin presented a large digital installation at a major innovation exhibition “Dubai Expo 2020”.

Digital Project “Welfaro”

It was a very large media area consisting of animation and 3D graphics design. The idea of this work was to draw people’s attention to the environment. What will happen to us if we do not change the way of our thinking, human-dolphin as a new race of the future. Also, this spring, Kat participates in the Digital art fair (European Digital Art Fair 2022) where she also presented her NFT project “Welfaro” Soon Kat will take a part in an exhibition in Bodrum, where she will present her works (Bodrum Art Fair 2022). Kat is also actively involved in helping the Ukrainians who suffered in the war against Russia. She sells her work on NFT platforms and the funds raised are spent toward children’s medicines in the hospitals. There are many plans and projects ahead, these are just a few. Stay tuned!


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