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Artist and songwriter Terrell “2.0” is an outlier in Gospel music



Artist and songwriter Terrell “2.0” Olagbegi is an outlier in gospel music. The Atlanta native’s name even denotes that. The birth of his artistry is closely connected to the birth of his faith; he’s not your conventional entertainer. His brilliance has always rested on his methods to blend unlikely elements into his iteration of gospel music. It’s a perfect marriage of sound and substance, a potent fusion that incorporates trap, pop and soul. From lyrics to rhythm, you can hear elements of influence from Kirk Franklin, Outkast, J. Cole and a hint of T.I., which prevents easy categorization. While most Christian acts shy away from addressing the everyday application of their faith, in addition to the peaks and valleys process of evolving spiritually, 2.0 is bridging the gap between the streets and the sanctuary by providing a pivotal soundtrack.

The prolific storyteller was introduced to music at the early age of 8, with it becoming his passion as well as his purpose. He played the trumpet from elementary school through junior year in high school even earning him a college scholarship. While he declined the assistance, he recognized his natural artistic proclivity. It wasn’t until he attended Morehouse College that he transitioned his artistic talents from a hobby into a career. He became serious about his faith in Christ, which awakened his artistic prowess. While there, he & close friend Taurean Simmons became the gospel rap group “TnT”. The duo blessed a variety of noteworthy stages from the Creation Festival to both the Sweet Auburn Music and Heritage Festivals. They also did outreach work, including the Hosea William’s Feed the Hungry organization with the unified mission of spreading the message of love, peace and righteous living.

In 2015, the group established their record label, Red Slash Culture and placed TnT on a creative hiatus. 2.0 became the label’s first artist. His debut project Moves n Movies in 2016 received critical praise and that same year, the young visionary appeared on Oxygen’s Preachers of Atlanta with music mentor Canton Jones and performed alongside him on BET’s Joyful Noise. His sophomore EP, The Statement, dropped to rave reviews a year later. He is currently working on a new body of work titled 20/2.0, with the first single being “4 My City.” While the name is a play on the metric of 20/20 vision, 2.0 is not only sharing his perspective on life, but also why it matters.

2.0, who is of Nigerian descent, has seamlessly navigated the worlds of the gospel and hip-hop. From charting on Billboard’s Top 200 Gospel Chart and having a hit single top multiple lists on the Willie Moore Jr. show (“Flat Out Hit of the week” and “Flat Out Song of the year 2018”), to having a video featured on World Star Hip Hop, opening up for YFN Lucci and performing at SXSW, 2.0 is a digital age revolutionary.

His music transcends most contemporary listening experiences in the spiritual realm. If you look past the genre classification and focus on an artist who flows like a southern street rapper but is delivering conversational-style messages about theology, he’s enlivening the weariness of traditional gospel. The entrepreneurial-minded creative regularly entertains and educates the underserved of society, frequenting shelters, prisons, and schools, in addition to investing into and mentoring the next generation. “My mission in this industry is bigger than any financial gain or fame, it’s about impacting lives and communities.”2.0, an ordained minister and certified tennis instructor, resides in Atlanta with his wife and three children, with one on the way.

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What Makes Esmae’s Newest Single ‘Oughta Know’ A Hit



Last March 19, Friday, Esmae achieved a new milestone in her career. The singer/songwriter from Teesside, United Kingdom released her first single, “Oughta Know,” which received positive feedback from listeners. 

Esmae is an independent, self-funded artist who has just released her debut single, “Oughta Know” from her EP “Do Better.”

Her new single has garnered thousands of streams and is also supported by BBC Introducing, thus making it an even sweeter accomplishment for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter. 

Creating Relevant Music

Oughta Know is a sassy slice of pop that features a polished production, strong vocals, and an undeniably catchy chorus. It tells the story of a one-sided relationship from the perspective of someone who ‘oughta know’ better. 

The single earned over 27,000 streams and was followed by Esmae’s summer track, “Depend on You.’ Esmae has two further singles to be released later in the year. ‘Oughta Know’ is just a small taste of what’s to come for Esmae’s career in the music industry. 

“My goal is to keep writing relevant music that people can relate to and to start performing live soon,” Esmae said. 

She added that she’s proud that her songs draw inspiration from her life experiences or the experiences of people she knows, thus uncovering a whole range of human emotions while making the writing process interesting.

A Much Awaited Release 

Even though ‘Oughta Know’ has only been released a few months ago, Esmae has already been writing songs for longer than that. She wrote her first song when she was 16 years old. But because she was successful in other careers, she decided not to pursue music…yet. 

Over the years, Esmae could no longer deny her calling and passion for music. Despite all the twists and turns, she eventually went back to music and is now immersing herself in it fully. 

“Because I didn’t have the chance to pursue my music career when I was younger, it crystallized that this is what I want to do and as a result, I’m 100 percent focused on making that happen,” she said. 

The singer-songwriter first came to prominence in 2019 when her Soundcloud collection of tracks quickly garnered over 500,000 streams. Her passion for old-school RnB pop and buttery vocals allowed her to create her unique brand of music.  

Esmae later decided to stop sitting on the songs she’d been writing privately and take them into the studio to record. Now, she feels satisfied and fulfilled that she gets to share her music as she was always meant to do. 

For more information, visit Esmae’s Instagram page. Or listen to her new song, Oughta Know, on Soundcloud.

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Princess Lizan Dizaye: Barer Of The Angelic Voice



Lizan, better known as Princess Lizan Dizaye who comes from a popular Kurdish family called dizaye is an artist from erbil kurdistan who loves to sing since she was a little girl, lizan grew up in a small town in Enschede based in Holland. Se has an amazing unique voice she uses her passionate experiences to make unique vocals. Everything she sings comes from her heart she’s an independent recording artist multitalented environmentalist, climate activist, poem writer, model, wfpusa & sandcloud ambassador, art creator, all her songs lyrics are written by herself. Lizan gained fans in early 2003 when she got awarded for best live singer artist and crowned miss high school, cause she sang on big stage in high school the song “Celine Dion” my heart will go on” in 2005 she moved to Canada for a while and recorded songs in Vancouver studio, where she gained many more fans via mountain fest.

She knew then felt that it would become her passion and it will soon became her career. Once people began to admire her music she started taking it a lot more seriously. Her first song “George Floyd” warrys her first serious project released in 2021 followed with being the first Kurdish artist who released trance genre music “reason you love me” and the project song “George Floyd” caught many peoples attention Especially black lives & George Floyd page soon started to follow lizan on Instagram, she gains fans in an organic way on many platforms especially on YouTube Facebook and Instagram lizan released many more songs called “Hey my love”  “no time for love ft tom bensheim” and “quarantine” based on people who passed away from covid -19 followed by “Royalblood” & “royalblood remix ft domy dj” based on her royal background and life, lizan continues making new music she’s multitalented can sing almost all kind of music genres her new song “golden gun” is now available on all platforms,

Lizan states that she likes & continues to be perceived as passionate, uniquely & talented enthusiastic, authentic Lizan loves to support and advice all other artists out there saying, do not to give up on your dreams keep soaring like and eagle and roar like a lion even if your alone in reaching what you love in life be the best version of yourself be you never give up!

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How OMG L33 $OUNDZ’ Hustle In Life Led Him To Music



Back in 2019, OMG L33 $OUNDZ released a song on SoundCloud titled “No Limit$” ft. Vidal Garcia that reached more than 3,000 streams. Because of this song, the artist also gained a following on Instagram and since had a lot of engagement from his audience. 

OMG L33’s profound start in music wasn’t planned since he didn’t think of becoming a rapper or musician. But now that the way has been paved, he intends to hustle his way through the industry to show how much he can improve and achieve greater accomplishments. 

Discovering A Hidden Talent 

Before he made a breakthrough with his music, OMG L33 used to work in the automotive and transportation industry as a delivery truck driver and dispatcher. 

“I used to mess up when I would rap, and I learned to just keep going if a line or verse didn’t sound good.  I’ve always told myself I’d get better one day,” he shared. 

OMG L33 started rapping and writing lyrics when he was 14-years old. He based his lyrics on his life experiences and jotted down verses and bars that would come to him at the moment. 

The artist had humble beginnings as a welfare child. Whenever he needed something, he would take it upon himself to find ways to meet his needs. Eventually, this led him to music as an outlet where he can express himself freely. 

Back then, he knew he still had room for improvement as a rapper and songwriter. Looking back, and with the positive feedback that his song received, he can proudly say that he has become a better artist. 

Breaking A Cycle With Music 

OMG L33’s brand is called OMGFL which stands for On My Grind For Life. He came up with the name as a testament to how he grinded and hustled his way through life. 

He envisions his brand to be more than just another one in the music industry. When the time comes that OMG L33 is financially stable enough to call his music a full-time career, he wants to help others achieve the things he couldn’t due to poverty. 

“My main focus is to establish a name for myself as an artist so that people will understand what OMGFL stands for. I need to build a foundation for my children and let them have some sort of ownership down the line as I start to build on improving in different areas,” he said. 

By establishing his LLC legitimately, OMG L33 has the power to break the poverty cycle and build his brand into a business that caters to everyone in the entertainment industry. 
Learn more about OMG L33 $OUNDZ through his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Or listen to his music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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