Thank you for visiting Red X Magazine, your favorite source for information on today’s influencers, music artist and celebrities! Upcoming artist Ocean Drive Slim, whom retained his named from hiphop legend Lil Wayne (also known as Lil Tunechi) is one of the newer artist of our generation who says that they create poetry and not “rap”. At one point Ocean Drive Slim was enrolled in college to become a lawyer but, during this time he discovered his talents for music and decided to pursue them and the rest was history.

Ocean Drive Slim has a nice catalog of music set to release very soon! Ocean Drive Slim currently has a song titled “Jeffrey Dahmer” that released shortly after he had watched the Netflix series on the criminal Jeffrey Dahmer. Ocean Drive Slim says that he felt as though God told him to create a song about it. Some may not know of the monstrous things Jeffrey Dahmer did in his life but, the story is worth a search on the internet for awareness. With the year 2023 being nearly here, Ocean Drive Slim says he has a song with popular Texas based music artist Beat King that could possibly be the song of year for 2023!

Along with good music, Ocean Drive Slim is operator and owner of a food company named Ocean’s Kitchen. Ocean Drive Slim has been spotted creating dishes such as Bow Tie pasta, Stuffed chicken breast and Grilled chicken baked potatoes via his cooking instagram @_oceanskitchen! If you’re in the Houston,Texas area be sure to give his meals a try! After sharing his music and cooking talents Ocean Drive Slim says he’s never been this free in his life!
To whom much is given, much is required said the upcoming star. Ocean Drive Slim says he lives up to everything he speaks of and that we as listeners should expect great things from him. Down below we’ve left more information for Ocean Drive Slim’s social platforms below! Thank You for visiting Red X Magazine!

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