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Audentia is set to release a hit new song called “Send this to your crush”



Born in New Jersey, now residing in Texas, Audentia is a Latin-American Indie Hip-Hop artist that found his purpose and passion in life by making heart-felt Music. This artist has a Puerto Rican and Salvadorian background which he incorporated on the kind of songs that he is making – Love songs that are relatable with meaningful messages. His no nonsense approach to making music and dealing with life is what makes Audentia an exceptional artist blossoming into the best he can be.

His New Song

This Friday 16th of July, Audentia is set to release a new summer song that people will certainly love. This song is called Send this to your crush featuring one of Audentia’s good friends, Criselda.

It is the perfect song to listen to on a vacation because it talks about love and happiness being shared with your loved one or soon-to-be significant other. Audentia wrote this song hoping that it will give people the courage to take the step in confessing to someone special to them. But the real story behind Audentia’s new song is that it’s dedicated to his wife. He wanted to remember and celebrate how their love story started and how he wanted to have a song at that time that he could send to her to confess his feelings.

When asked about his creative process in producing this song, Audentia shared: 

“I would listen to the beat and sit with it for a while. I’ll start humming melodies and lyrics then that’s where the words will start coming to me. Depending on the topic sometimes it usually takes me a couple hours to finish a song or days or even weeks. With this particular record, it took me about two days because I wanted it to be a special record.”

His life as an Artist

Being an Independent Artist proves to be full of challenges. For Audentia who pours his whole heart into his craft and gives his best in creating tracks, this can not be any more true. When you give your all to something you love, there are moments that you feel like you are exhausted, burnt out, and spent. Audentia recognizes such times and does not brush it off, instead, he takes the time to step away from Music and go either for a walk, spend time with his family or even read Anime Mangas. These activities recharge his spirit and clear his mind to take on another day pursuing his passion. These are the kind of qualities of an artist whose mind is set in the long run.

Yet as strong as Audentia can be, there are challenges that he is facing every day that are much deeper than just feeling exhausted. Every human deal with something in his life and for Audentia his greatest challenge is:

“The greatest challenge I faced in my career by far is really my thoughts. I tend to overthink a lot of things by prejudging things and the battle with the mind is the hardest challenge I’ve been going through right now.”

He combats this with having motivational conversations with his family and friends and gets a sense of reassurance that everything is going to be okay. He also notes that he is blessed to have such a supportive team and management.

Follow Audentia through his Instagram and Tiktok accounts to know more about him and his music.

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