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Author Stephanie Reuler Discusses Recent Novel Fantasea Origins



Stephanie Reuler is a woman of many trades, with expertise and knowledge as an author, chef and years of writing. Reuler’s most recent work, “Fantasea Origins: Kir & Luca” explores an in-depth story of an orca family and a dolphin family and their relationship that metaphorically symbolizes the importance of love and acceptance of all.

Since the novel’s publication in January 2022, Reuler and her work have taken off. “Fantasea” will is also available on ebook and soon in audiobook formats.

While she is a talented woman with many skills, Reuler always knew writing was an essential passion of hers. She says, “It seems like I have always been a writer. I was a voracious reader as a child; throughout my life, I both created and appreciated stories. I was that kid who snuck books to bed and read under the covers. I fell into the worlds of the Black Stallion and Narnia and Pern. Those brilliant authors inspired me; creating stories was a natural process in my evolution.”

Reuler has always had an affliction for writing and creativity. However, she attributes her success to advisors and mentors that helped her along the way.

As a writer, she understands the importance of growth and evolution and mentions, “The early process was as natural to me as walking. I am blessed to have had great teachers and mentors, both past and present, who have broadened and elevated my craft as an author and screenwriter.”

Aside from her mentors and teachers throughout her writing journey, she seeks inspiration from many other authors in the space. Reuler personally is most interested in young adult novels and fiction. Her favorite authors include CS Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle, Walter Farley, Roald Dahl, Bill Peet, Marguerite Henry, and Dr Seuss.

Her natural desire to write has always come fluid to her. She describes her writing process vividly and discusses how her brainstorming process transpires and grows into stories. Reuler discusses her process more in-depth and states, “I try not to be too precious with my first draft, as I rewrite up until the very last minute I can with every project. I will put a project down for a while to go back into it with a fresh perspective. At that stage, I will often give it out for feedback and then continue to rewrite it based on the feedback. Also, sometimes I enjoy jotting down the first parts of a story by hand before moving it to my laptop.”

In addition to her recent success with “Fantasea,” Reuler has also taken on a new venture as the writer of a new comedy show. This show is closely tied to her personal life and her own life experiences. When discussing the show in an interview, Reuler says, “Real-life events inspired it. Having to do with my elderly parents and where I am in my life.” The juxtaposition of our lives created a flurry of ideas. The show has so much heart, and it’s loads of fun, and it’s so relevant to so many people, I’m crazy excited about it.”

Reuler exhibits talent as both an author and a screenwriter, but her passion for cooking has evolved and become an ever more significant part of her life, so much so that she even created her cooking channel named “Steph Cooks Stuff.” Cooking is similar to writing to Reuler, as she can use her creativity to produce a beautiful product. “Steph Cooks Stuff” is a cooking channel and a website that has taken on more of a blog style.

One of her most prized accolades in the culinary industry would be winning the chilli contest for her famous vegan chilli.

One of her favorite things to cook in her kitchen is “seared tuna with chimichurri sauce, with a ‘crunchy’ salad or a risotto with roasted butternut squash, walnuts, parm, cream and finished with sage in brown butter. I’ve gotten into crumbles, too, using whatever fruit I have around. They’re so good!”

Check out Fantasea here and Reuler’s cooking channel and website.

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