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Avesa Global Minga: The Pyramid of Peace



Pyramids have served as a driving force in ensuring healing and prosperity over the years. When people saw the worth of the Giza pyramids and the energy they radiated, they realized that the pyramids might serve as a foundation for healing. Over the years, many people have reported personal healings and deepened states of consciousness while meditating inside a pyramid.

Independent studies share that high aspect ratio pyramidspositively affect drinking water. For example,water inside the pyramid did not freeze even at – 40 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the pyramiddrinking water normalized the gastrointestinal system and stabilized the acid-alkaline balance in the digestive tract. As a result, there were fewer viral infections and the body experienced incredible rejuvenation.

After reviewing scientific studies describing the benefits of pyramid energy, Sri & Kira invited engineers from Ecuador to construct a high aspect ratio pyramid. These Ecuadorians joined Sri & Kira and began constructing a pyramid for use as a healing source. The tribes of Ecuador built a 72-foot-tall pyramid from bamboo and added mud walls in the traditional Bahraruqe style. This unique pyramidbalanced the yin and yang energy, and the natural substances,together with the energy of Gaia herself, created restorative energy for the earth and her people! This is why it is known as the Peace Pyramid. Let’s dive into the article to understand more about this pyramid and how its energy may help you heal.

The Powerful Pyramid of Peace atTosa Blue Mountain in Ecuador

Ancestral people used to build pyramids over sacred sites to amplify that healing energy. Now in modern times, you will see pyramids on the roofs of clinics and hospitals because the pyramids supply so much healing energy that the patients benefit enormously. It was standard practice in Egypt for the priests and Healers to bring the wounded soldiers inside the pyramids for treatment. This is why Sri & Kira took the chance to create a pyramid on the equator that would act as a healing point for the planet. This is the first 12 or more massive pyramids they intend to construct to support world peace.

TOSA Blue Mountain Ecuador has become an excellent retreat spot for therapy groups and even patients who go up the pyramid and absorb all of the therapeutic energy it generates. Sri and Kira have successfully opened and operated three five-star Sacred Retreat facilities in several nations, serving as living examples of living in Peace, Love, and Joy through natural holistic methods.

Get Started Right

For those who have chosen to heal, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, all you need are the masters of the industry who can help you in the process. Sri and Kira, Visionary Facilitators of Positive Shift, were in the vanguard of the higher consciousness movement for over 20 years due to the wisdom, clarity, and truth of the material they give. Sri Ram Kaaalmost died in Cuenca following emergency surgery. His recovery surprised all the medical experts in the hospital.Sri shares that he has learned how to apply energy and consciousnessto open the door to information about body mastery. Even physicians who encounter him are taken aback by his extensive knowledge.

Sri and Kira are a healing duo; they have provided thousands of transformative healing sessions to the general public. They embody the real Yodg of Self-Ascension and the truth of reversing aging. They’ve also written a number of works that have been translated into Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and the original English. So, start your recovery journey on the right foot by visiting Sri & Kira for a detailed overview.


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