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Bankroll614 is an Artist and entrepreneur from Columbus Ohio and started taking music serious around the age of 17. Before then it was just rapping on the bus or outside with the homies until they started recording in home studios and put it together ourselves. BankRoll eventually started recording at professional studios and working on his sound. Everything started from dropping songs on SoundCloud and shooting videos locally and coming up with the ideas his-self. In a matter of no time BankRoll started gaining a small buzz around his city alongside his homies I also make music with. “I lost a close friend in 2016 and my brother in 2017 so those are 2 big inspirations in my music and what helps keep me motivated.” The music BankRoll makes is melodic trap , music that has a smooth vibe too but also has a message at the same time music for people in the struggle. BankRoll also makes music for people who going through a lot at home & music for people who like too vibe in groups or people that like too kick it alone. “Basically I want my music to be relatable to people all around the world and you can vibe too it no matter what crowd you in.”

Early Life

Around the summer of 2018 BankRoll and Quandot linked up and started rocking heavy dropping songs and doing business together. Ever since then BankRoll & QuanDot just been working hard recording hits going back and forth from Ohio and Los Angeles networking , meeting new people gaining fans working on getting DISCOVERED.


“The song “yeah yeah/exotic smoke” came about while I was in the studio in North Hollywood just free styling while I was high , the hook was a vibe and I just decided to make it into a full song. I went to Atlanta to collab with Jelani Miller for the visual which will be available on his YouTube and the song will be out on all streaming platforms. You can vibe to the song , you can turn up too the song , soon as it comes on it catches your ear and it’s smooth all the way to the last second. Crazy visual with lots of edits that really makes the song pop 10x more.”


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