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Basil Sakr, The Star of The Heist, Talks About Taking on the Lead Role.



When the script was presented to Basil Sakr about starring in a new comedy, he was all on board. The Los Angeles Native couldn’t think of a better role than one involving a heist in a warehouse in LA. On top of that, the movie being a comedy with a story that’ll keep you on the edge wondering “what will happen next?” The movie The Heist will keep you entertained from start to finish with witty dialogue between the characters.

Basil had just came off of shooting the thriller Misinterpretation, so doing a comedy was a change that he wanted to take on. Basil wanted to show the world that he was a versatile Actor and can do comedies as well. Basil said in our interview with him that, “I like doing comedies because I like to add my own personality into the character. I play the roles how I would react in real life, and it creates a believable character that the audience can relate to.”

Breaking the stereo types of playing bad guys, Basil’s last 4 movies he played the protagonist and was the lead Actor. I asked Basil why the change in character choices, he stated, “I love playing the bad guy but it’s too typical and easy to see me as the bad guy. It takes more preparation for me to play the [good guy] which I like. When I get a script, I like to absorb the words and character and create the character. I love the preparation process before we go to shoot.”

The Heist was released on October 8, 2022 and has won multiple awards for Best Movie, Best Comedy and Best Actor [Basil Sakr] not only locally in Los Angeles and Hollywood, but also globally in other countries such as France, Italy, and Greece to name a few. To date, The Heist has won 7 awards, with 9 film festivals still pending decisions. Basil Sakr snagged the Best Actor award at the Milan Gold Awards in Italy for his portrayal of Johnny. I asked him how he felt winning his first Best Actor award, “On cloud 9. I can’t believe it. What an amazing feeling. I’m glad they loved the movie.”

Basil Sakr is currently in the middle of starting production on his next 2 movies that he is starring in and producing. He is in the pre-production stage of his first feature film that he will write, star in and produce. He enjoys the attention he has been getting for his roles and his acting performances, that when it comes to scripts he receives, he will select the ones that he knows the fans will love.

Follow Basil Sakr on Instagram for movie clips and updates, as well as comedy skits that he creates with his YouTuber friends. For more details and information about his body of work, visit Basil Sakr – IMDbCheck him out on Youtube where you’ll find a lot of his comedy skits and short films.

Check out The Heist on YouTube where it’s currently streaming for free.

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