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Bassist Gianfranco Pescetti Is Returning With A New Single, “Sundog”



Composer & producer Gianfranco Pescetti is mostly popular as a bass player. In early January of 2023, the artist will release a single called “Sundog”. With this single release, he will be returning to mainstream music again since the last album, “Love Is Rain”, in 2014.

Born on the little island of Capraia in Tuscany, Gianfranco Pescetti trained as a professional ballet dancer during his adolescence. At age twenty, he stopped dancing because it was impossible to ignore his passion for making songs.

He moved to San Francisco in 1988 to pursue a “rock education” and played the bass guitar in several bands. One of the popular bands was In Alfred, which he founded with Jane Woodman and Zoe Keating. While playing with the band  In Alfred The 14 Mission, he decided to go and record his compositions. 

In 2014 Gianfranco Pescetti released the album “Love Is Rain”, which featured ten highly praised songs. The composition of “Love Is Rain” is somewhere between the gritty eighties and a cinematic soundtrack that conjures up a forgotten romanticism.

Later he decided to take a break from music and focused on studies in college to earn a degree in Landscape Architecture. Finally, after nearly nine years, Gianfranco Pescetti returns with the single “Sundog”. Apart from the single release, he is working on an instrumental album scheduled to arrive by the fall of 2023.

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