Michael Mosley, a 67-year-old British doctor and TV presenter, was found dead in Greece on Sunday after a four-day search. Greek officials discovered his body on a beach in Agia Marina, Symi, confirmed by Mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas according to the New York Times.

Mosley, known for his BBC health podcast Just One Thing and popularizing the 5:2 diet, disappeared last Wednesday after setting out on a walk from Agios Nikolaos to Symi town. When he did not return, his wife, Clare Bailey Mosley, reported him missing. A search ensued, involving firefighters, police officers, volunteers, and the Greek coast guard.

Security footage identified Mosley in Pedi, shifting the search north to Agia Marina, where his body was found. Mosley’s wife expressed her grief and gratitude towards those who assisted in the search, highlighting his adventurous spirit and contributions to health journalism.

Charlotte Moore, BBC’s chief content officer, praised Mosley as a brilliant broadcaster who made complex subjects accessible and inspired many to live healthier lives.